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Monday, January 21, 2008

hello darkness my old friend

sorry i haven't posted in a while, been a little preoccupied. the hubby and i have been at odds for a little over a week now. apparently i have been "aggressive and grumpy". last wednesday went well, we only had about 20 or so people show for dinner at church, so we had way more food than we needed. we served baked potato soup and hamburger soup. we also had apple crisp for dessert. pizza night was at pattylicious' house. it was a blast we had calzones and played battle of the sexes. pattylicious and i won all 4 games. finch wasn't feeling well on saturday so he slept in until 4 in the afternoon. i pose a question for my readers: does it make me a bad mother that occasionally i would like some time when i don't have to watch the girls? anyway, after the hubby and her highness got up from their naps we went and cleaned finch's office. this was the saturday for the deep clean. this means that i crawl around on my hands and knees vacuuming the baseboards and the carpet next to them. it only took us 2 1/2 hours to clean the office not bad really. yesterday was church. then we spent the afternoon working outside. at some point i aggravated my sciatic nerve in my back. you know the nerve that runs down your hip/pelvic region all the way down your leg. now sitting and walking have become painful at best. monkey is out of school today, so it is a girl's day in. we painted our toenails and watched harry potter. sorry for the downer of a post, but i thought i should at least explain my absence. on a happier note this wednesday we are going to have chicken pot pie and a salad for dinner and i'm still debating dessert. hope everyone has a great week.

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RamFam said...

Hey, Reina! Nice to finally hear from you! I made pizza for the first time this past week. I turned out pretty good. We made one thin crust and one calzone. It kinda reminded me of the Chef Boyardee box pizza. So, I was wondering... Can I get some of your recipes? Maybe you can post them?
Love ya! :)