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Thursday, February 14, 2008

and i think to myself, "what a wonderful world"

i have to admit that i am jealous of those who actually got winter this year. i love the snow, and we have gotten very little this year. today i went to take pics of our birdhouses and new fence, so i could share them with you. so here you go:

this birdhouse was given to finch and i as a wedding gift. since we eloped it was one of a very few that we got. when finch and i got married i was living in a boardinghouse of sorts. this wonderful lady owned a bed and breakfast, and she rented several of the rooms out to local students. she gave us this lovely birdhouse and until now it has been an indoor decoration only.

this little bird feeder sits on the gate at our front entrance. finch made this little thing a few weeks back. the beauty of this house is that from where i sit at the computer i can look out and see the house finches and sparrows eating. it really is quite relaxing.

we call this one "the flying dutchman". finch made this last weekend. it has four separate apts. the little hanger is an old planter bottom that we filled with bird food.

this was the first birdhouse that finch made. it also has a bird feeder.

this is bird corner. we put our old birdbath over there and now it is prime real estate for the wee neighborhood birds. look at those amenities.

below are pics i took this morning. to my surprise i looked down and saw:
that is a crocus, one of the first flowers of spring. usually i see the first leaves poking up through a little layer of snow. i nearly stepped on it. the pic below is of another crocus.
these are my daffodils. these line the sidewalk in the front yard. when they bloom the whole yard looks brighter and more cheerful.
isn't it sweet, soon there will be beautiful yellow flowers all along my walkways.
then i saw a spot of green in one of the front flowerbeds, and my first thought was "not another hollyhock". then when i walked over i saw to my delight it was indeed one of my many tulips.
yesterday i received my valentine package from hot cup, and i was more than thrilled. in the envelope was this magnificent scarf. i immediately tied it around my pink ponytail and headed to church. also in the envelope were my candy corns except instead of the usual autumn colors they are pink and red. oh my i don't know how she knew. there were also raspberry chocolate baking chips, those conversation hearts, and a package of strawberry cream savers. yummmm. there was also the most beautiful homemade valentine. for those of you who don't know me very well, i hate valentines day. really do. i have to say that package made my day and i am again wearing my scarf.

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Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Sounds like you got an awesome package!!

Love the tour of the yard. The birdhouses are sweet!