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Thursday, February 21, 2008

i hear it's your birthday, well happy birthday to ya

hey it's my birthday. i'm two. that's not really what she was squealing about, but it sounds good.
she was two months old in this picture. isn't she sweet.
peek a boo, i see you

two years ago on this day i delivered the sweet baby in these pictures. she arrived one week early at 9 1/2 lbs. 20 1/2 inches long. we will be having her parties this weekend, one for fam and one for friends. i hope everyone has a great weekend. i will have pics to post next week.


RamFam said...

I LOVE the first picture! It is so Aislyn! I can't believe she's already two. How time flies! Happy Birthday, Baby! :)

Kym said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AISLYN! Your in the TErrific twos! God bless your MOMMY and DADDY

vanillafrog said...

how did you end up with such cute kids!?!?!? they must get it from their uncle! ;)

rosemond said...

I LOVE the top pic! Sooo cute!!