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Monday, March 17, 2008

baby, you and me got a groovy kind of love

i know that many of you have been anxiously awaiting pics of something crafty. i haven't been very crafty lately. although, i did paint my nails, twice, and my toenails. i got some interesting "requests" for crafty type items, bellydancing?, trust me no one but my husband wants to see that. tatting is a type of needlework. it creates an almost lace like material. it can be done with either a shuttle or a needle. i only know how to do needle. the same can be done with fine thread and a small gauge crochet needle. food stuffs, well that is what i spent the majority of this past weekend doing. our youth was doing D-now this weekend, and i agreed to make some casseroles and muffins. apparently my husband missed that i was making 4 dozen muffins and 4 casseroles, so when the youth minister asked if we could do snacks because they still needed some my hubby agreed. friday we made 2 batches of puppy chow, 5 1/2 dozen chocolate chip cookies, and 4 dozen no bake cookies. saturday we made 4 pizza casseroles, 6 dozen brownies, and 4 dozen muffins. we also went to the church to help serve the youth and pick up the kitchen. in our spare time we planted 3 boysenberries, 5 dewberries, 2 granny smith apple trees, 1 black cherry tree, 2 fruit cocktail trees, and 10 bald cypress. friday night was also pizza night, so we headed to the cowden's to chill for a while. while purchasing the material for monkey's easter dress, that is a blog in and of itself, my hubby stumbled upon the already smocked all it needs is a seam material. i whipped out 3 dresses and 3 skirts in a matter of minutes. here are the dresses below, the skirts are identical to the dresses other that i will put straps on the dresses this evening.

i thought i would hang one up so you could see how cute it is. this is the material that her highness picked out. in the background is my closet i will tell you about it at the end of the blog.
the next 3 pictures are of the wedding dress i made for my renewal in 2004. i put in a close up of the front of the top and one of the back of the top.
yes, that is boning in the front, and look at that shaping. looks good huh.
each hole that the ribbon goes through is an individual button hole. the dress was very time consuming. although easier to do than the dress i made monkey for the occasion. below is a picture of me and the hubby at the renewal.
the story of the closet. on wednesday night the hubby said "why don't we put the bed against the north wall of the room?" i asked how long it was going to take because it was already 9:30 and i was tired. he reassured me it would take no more than 30 minutes. ok, we built our bed. it has 6 drawers on each side that make up the base of the queen sized bed. our room is tiny. at 12:37 i finally crawled into my newly arranged bed with out any idea where to find any of my clothes. all of the drawers had to be unloaded so we could even move the bed. the good news is i have now gone through all of our clothes and the goodwill now has roughly10 walmart sacks and ten 13 gallon sized trash bags of our unwanted clothes. the closet doors now shut, there is nothing on the floor, and very little on the top of the dresser or the head board. although i haven't been very crafty, i have been terribly busy. hope every one is doing well. i am making a cake for the zander zone's 2nd bday this weekend, so i will put pics of it up next week.


Kelsie said...

Thank you for telling me about the grass tip! I had no idea about some of those uses!

rosemond said...

You are so industrious!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am loving the dresses!

They story about your bed is funny!

But your whole story made me really tired!!

vanillafrog said...

I am tired just from reading your post!

RamFam said...

I love your new profile pic! That was an awesome cake! The designer should be congratulated. :)