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Thursday, March 27, 2008

you are the dancing queen, young and sweet

this past week has been a little rough. my best friend, who is really like a sister to me, has found herself in the position that all parents fear. i don't want to post details because it isn't my place, but please keep her and her family in your prayers. on a happier note i have been in a horrible funk since i got the news, so yesterday i decided to do something about it. i found a tutorial for this little bag on the craft mag blog.

and now for the rest of the story. the material for this bag is very sentimental. when i was 12 my granny took me to the fabric store in pville. she let me pick out the pattern and the material that i wanted. my favorite color is yellow, and i thought this would be pretty as a short and tank top for the summer. i hadn't finished it when i went to live with my sister. she didn't like it, so i never finished it. it has sat in a box unfinished ever since. i made a pink one for big 'uns. it was so easy and so much fun. it is the perfect size for all of my gum and candy that i carry in my purse.

i was listening to abba hence the title. sure signs that it is upon us :the hyacinth patch is in bloom. they are one of finches favorite flowers, so i planted a little patch of them by my roses.

another sign that spring has sprung: the elephants are frolicking in the yard. this is our newest addition. i have named him buford. her highness is attached to him already.
i have wanted this sweet fountain for about 5 years now. we bought him last week, and now he sits in the middle of my rose garden and splashes in the water.
it could be spring if there are chicks in the garage. these are "the girls." the same day we brought buford home we brought 20 red star little girls home. in about 8 months or so we will have more eggs than i know what to do with. the girls are 1 week old today.
these are the first two tulips to bloom this year. when i went outside this morning some of my yellow ones are getting ready to bloom. when they do i will post pics of them as well.
while typing this blog i looked out and saw a robin playing in the sprinkler. it must be spring.


RamFam said...

I'm so jealous!!! Very pretty!!! :)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Love the bag love the elephant!

I like the story of the fabric. That makes it all that much more special.

And I want eggs!!

Gator World!! said...

Don't forget your friend STRIPES!!! Remember Big-Uns is in the witness protection program...not that I even know who she is I am just saying. I love the pic of Baby and the elephant. Too cute!!! Thank you so much for my bag, I showed it to my Mom Gator today!