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Friday, March 28, 2008

o happy day

i love to cook, but have always been intimidated by yeast doughs. this past thanksgiving i was in charge of the rolls. they were delicious and we had enough dough to make a tea ring for breakfast. to the left you can see my second attempt at yeast dough. it is rosemary focaccia. the rosemary is from my garden.
last night after the hub and i put the girls down for a nap, i started the dough for pizza night. we have been doing friday night pizza night for about 6 years now. we started little caesars pizza. then we decided to make our own with the jiffy type mixes from the store, but they leave quite a bit to be desired. then i discovered that my bread machine has a dough setting and a recipe for pizza dough. that is what we have been using for the last 5 years or so. this evening we'll be using the new dough, so i hope that it tastes as good as the old standby. i'll try to remember pics, so you guys can see how it all turned out. i hope everyone has a great weekend.
things are looking up in everyone's world today. it appears as though the problems that i discussed yesterday may actually get resolved as early as today. PRAISE BE TOGOD.

the cute little orange bag i made yesterday was quickly claimed by her highness. then her highness brought me the polish and squealed "toes please". she now has lovely pink toes and a lovely orange bag.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

The bread looks yummy...and so do those tiny toes!!!

RamFam said...

At first glance I thought they were your toes! I thought, "Man, she's swollen! Is she okay?" Glad to know they are supposed to be cute little pudgy pink toes. We're glad for the good news. Hope that all works our for the good. :)