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Monday, March 31, 2008

just a swingin'

it isn't very often that i get to take a picture this sweet. her highness and the hub being as happy as can be just swinging away in our back yard. it is times like these that i realize how blessed i am
earlier that day we went and had our photo taken for the church pictorial directory. i thought you might want to see what a sweet family i have.
we spent a good portion of saturday watering and looking around our yard. there were surprises around just about every corner. here are the tulips that the monkey wanted to plant. about 3 years ago we did a bunch of bulb planting, and we will enjoy the rewards for many years.
this is one of my yellow parrot tulips. i think they are beautiful. their petals looked like they have fringe on them. we planted several different colors, but the yellow are my favorite. looking around the yard we saw that the peonies have come up. my black irises should bloom within the next week or so, and all the little trees that we planted have little green buds on them.
here are the pictures of the pizzas from pizza night. we made 4 and took them over to nini's house for pizza night. the one closest to us has pepperoni, canadian bacon, bell peppers, and onions. the next is just cheese for the kiddos. the next one is pepperoni, bell pepper, and onion. the last one is pepperoni. we tried the new dough and it was beyond wonderful. so tasty.
here is a close up of one of the pizzas. sorry the pictures aren't that great, but i only had my camera phone with me to take pics.
yes, that is buford in the back ground, but look at the rosemary very carefully and you will spot butterflies. sunday after church we went outside to enjoy the beautiful day, and what did we see? tons of butterflies flitting here and there all around the yard. it seemed almost magical.
monkey pulled out her newly acquired bug catcher and caught one for us to see up close.
we let it go, but the girls were way excited about catching it. i hope that all of you had great weekends and are looking forward to another week of spring. our local nursery opens this coming weekend, and we can hardly control our enthusiasm.


RamFam said...

Love the family pic! Spring is so wonderful! We enjoyed the opening day of Cherry Blossom festival this weekend. There were way too many people, but the blooms were way more opened than the pics I posted a week ago. And we walked to the Fish Wharf to smell some stinky fish and check out the cool Chesapeake crabs and lobsters and whatnot. It was fun. (6 miles of walking, though.) :)

sweetflutterbys3 said...

Wow, what a beautiful family you all make! I enjoy the pictures of your very busy weekend, especially that very yummy looking pizza!

RamFam said...

Still waiting for the pizza dough recipe. Actually, I think I'll give you a ring. :)

rosemond said...

What sweet photos....love the one on the swings as well as the family photo! What a precious group! AND--now I'm craving pizza. Thanks a lot!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Girl...you are beautiful!! You have lost so much weight and it shows!

I love the pic of all of you.

Can I have some rosemary to dry?

And no more pics of pizza...I am dieting!!

DyessFam said...

I want some pizza! You look just beautiful! I would say that about Finch, but he might not like that;) Your girls are getting so big...where does the time go? I may have to commission you to make me some clothes due to the unwillingness of my body to fit into anything anymore!!! urrrrrr! :)