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Thursday, September 4, 2008

I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door

well not really, but Rosemond showed up in Amarillo on Saturday and that is close enough. she and her family have been on vacation, and we got to see them for brunch in Amarillo. i haven't seen her in about 12 years or so. i also got to meet her lovely family. we spent the rest of Saturday cutting and splitting wood. Sunday we had church in the park. i made deviled eggs for the event. the cowden clan came down for church in the park, and joe made some really delicious banana pudding. Monday finch spent studying and i got my fall sassy apron swap stuff all finished and packaged up. i really hope she likes it. i will post pics later, maybe tomorrow. i finished getting everything for my flirty apron swap today. oh am i excited. i will send that package tomorrow. then post all of the pics. did i mention that my friend tara and her wee ones came over on Sunday? all the kiddos played together and had a good time. we adults all got to hang out and enjoy adult conversation. i have really learned to appreciate adult conversation. well it is that day again. time for thankful Thursdays.


1. text messages- we got the "everything package" on Friday, so now we have text abilities. this has been a lot of fun so far. my hubby got a new "even better than mine" phone. he spent all night texting everyone instead of talking to us.

2. world market- i went today so i could get the rest of my swap stuff, and i am SOOO glad that we have one in Amarillo now.

3. care packages- my friend got hers and really liked it. bringing happiness to others makes my day.

4. cool weather- it was 53 this morning when i climbed out of bed. i LOVE fall, winter and spring.
5. my hubby- he knows that i have been exhausted lately, so he let me sleep an extra hour today. he got monkey up and ready for school, so that i could get some extra sleep.

6. the girls- they are a never ending source of love and wonder for me.

7. fabric shopping- i am such an addict.

8. the two new aprons i will be getting in the near future.

9. riding lawn mowers- we live on about a city block, and i usually mow most of it with a push mower. the hubby go the rider going and mowed the back 40 for me on Tuesday.

10. sushi- had it for lunch at my favorite Thai/Chinese/Japanese place in canyon. when i was pregnant with her heiness i craved sushi. the guys that run the place would make an extra "for the baby". when she was born they gave us a huge box of diapers. do you think we eat there too often?

this has been a very busy and wonderful week. there are several things that i have been praying about that i can now see answers to. God is good. take some time to think about what you're grateful for.


rosemond said...

We had so much fun!! Thanks for meeting us!!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

i am thankful for friends who send me yummies! (no Xhub did not make the coffee you sent... I'm hoarding that for later!)

grateful for nice people who helped me get my own credit card.

grateful for water.

grateful for the 96 yr old tougher-than-nails woman who sent me a note saying "i believe you'll get thru this just fine."

grateful for my new shower curtain & bath accessories.

grateful for food in the cupboards. money in the bank. car in the drive. dog on teh couch. church next door. so grateful... my heart is ready to burst with god's grace these days!

RamFam said...

Texting across the room? Your husband's such a dork!!!

Laura and Jade said...

Thank you so much! I know the kind of friend it take to help someone learn a fun new skill. My sister wanted to do this swap and I said that I would help her with it. She picked out the fabric and cut everything out I sewed everything because she did not pick the most easy pattern. It felt good to help her learn. Her next one she is going to sew by herself. Thanks for your time I do love it.


* TONYA * said...

One of my absolute favorite stores is World Market. OMG I could spend hours and hours in there.