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Thursday, September 18, 2008

i'll be better when i'm older

this will be relatively short, as i am feeling exhausted and want to rest.

1. long walks- they always pep me up and put me in a better mood.

2. animal crackers- they really help when my tummy grumbles

3. good friends- both new and old. i am grateful for the friends that i have.

4. comments- i love both to give and receive. they really have a way of perking up the day.

5. good teachers- monkey's math teacher called today, and i began to panic. it usually isn't good news when a teacher calls and there was an "incident" that included monkey at school yesterday. instead the teacher called to tell me what a bright, wonderful, and intelligent girl she was. this teacher rocks.

6. dvr- so i can watch tv when the girls are sleeping.

7. pizza night-this tradition dates back about 9 years or so. every friday night we have pizza. it started as frozen and slowly we have progressed to homemade. we also get to enjoy this with our friends which makes it that much cooler.

8. my hubby- what an amazing man he really is.

9. my adorable daughters- her heiness asked where the baby was, and monkey told her in momma's belly. so now at completely random times she will lift the bottom of my shirt up to pet the baby.

10. dave ramsey's program- although it is mostly common sense, it is nice to have a definite plan in front of us. if things go the way we hope they will we should be debt free, other than the house, in the next 2 years or less. how much does that rock.

the incident at school went something like this. a little girl who has always had it in for monkey was picking on another little girl at recess. monkey told her to stop because that wasn't very nice. the little girl told her to "shut up ratface" and then punched her in the stomach. did i mention this whole thing was being watched by one of their teachers? when the teacher asked what was going on another girl responded with "demon child just punched monkey in the stomach for no reason."* what did the teacher do? she told the girls that they all needed to get along. monkey walked away looking dejected. i could have ripped that little girl's hair out from the inside i was so mad. now i get to decide what exactly to do about this situation. did i mention this isn't the first time this little girl has physically assaulted monkey? anyway, take some time to tell those that matter in your life how you feel about them. have a great weekend.

*NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT and that monster child whose mother is a gossip monger.


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

where have i been? congrats on the baby! poor monkey... perhaps she'll develop her own excellent right hook. oh no wait... that's probably not the answer. hmmm... i think perhaps a talk with monster child's mother would be the thing. grrr...

enjoy your pizza tomorrow night! what a lovely tradition...

Pattylicious said...

Why didn't you tell me? Oh that makes me mad! Where as I can totally understand hot cup lutheran's point, I was monkey for a while and if you want I can teach her some really cool tricks that my dad showed me. I will teach her the non life threatening ones. How nice of you to protect the innocent. HA! As far as talking to the mother...the kid probably gets this from home and therefore it will make things much worse for monkey. Or much worse for that sweet little demon whose appendages will end up in ziplock bags/casts if she doesn't leave my niece alone. Tee. Hee.

Pattylicious said...

Good post by the way.

sweetflutterbys3 said...

I feel for Monkey. That teacher needs to step it up and deal with this. I would call the teacher and explain "nicely" that if anything happens to Monkey on her watch, she's in for it big time. Nothing makes me angrier than my kid being picked on at school and the adults do nothing about it. Grrrr!!

Rosemond said...

Do I need to come over there and whip some folks into shape?!! Ugh...definitely call the teacher to make her aware of the situation, and let her know that you don't expect it to happen again! Then flatten "demon child's" bike tires.....ooops did I say that out loud????

vanillafrog said...

hey, are y'all going to be home the week between Christmas and New Year's? We're planning a trip to Colorado and might need a place to crash on the way there!

Yarni Gras! said...

Hit it head on.....I always had to for Curly Girl. Hard sometimes but worth it.

BTW, are you still in the apron swap? I emailed you to confirm...maybe it went to SPAM...check it out and let me know!

Thanks, Val

Yarni Gras! said...

Hit it head on.....I always had to for Curly Girl. Hard sometimes but worth it.

BTW, are you still in the apron swap? I emailed you to confirm...maybe it went to SPAM...check it out and let me know!

Thanks, Val