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Friday, February 27, 2009

you're a winner for a lifetime

so quite a while back i mentioned fabric.com on my wee little blog. they noticed and are giving my readers $5 off their next order. just enter the coupon code blogbei. this coupon is only good until march 5th, so hop on over there and take a look. it is a one time coupon with no minimum order. hope you guys have a rockin weekend.


sweetflutterbys3 said...

Uh oh, now I'm in trouble. A sale on fabric. Didn't I just say I was going to stop buying more? :)

Living on the Spit said...

How cool is that...I am gonna be in SO much trouble!!!

I hope you have a great weekend!!!

DyessFam said...

I know right?! You're gonna love a boy! Tell your doc that I was almost as shocked that she was 6 lbs 5 oz as I was that she was a she! I don't honestly know. :p