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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

we are God's hands

i am so thankful for the ability to craft. i know that all my gifts and abilities come from God, so i give him thanks for them. i was so thrilled when i was asked to make a hat for the picture taking of sweet scout. scout is my friend vanillafrog's son and he is so much more than precious. his sweet grams requested a specific type of hat, and i set out to find a pattern and the appropriate colors.

i have to admit it was tougher than i thought it would be. the pompom was the first I'd ever made. well, i made 2 practice ones "just in case". i was so honored to be asked to make something for lil scout. his mom and grams are such amazing christian women and i think the world of them, so it was a true blessing to be asked to make a part of his early adornments.


mzzterry said...

I thank God for your ability to express your/His love thru crafts. Both of the hats that you made for our Scout have brought many smiles to our hearts. The one you show here was used to make some very special photos during his first few days of life.....we will cherish them forever. I know how much you enjoy crafting & that it can be a real stress reliever. The bonus was that we got to share the blessing. Love you girl, you bless me almost every.single. day!!

DyessFam said...

I love this hat! It has a Dr. Seuss-ish look to it.

vanillafrog said...

you should see the picture my mom has of him wearing that hat and he looks like he is screaming his head off, mad at the world...it's so funny!