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Friday, November 4, 2011

to know, know, know him is to love, love, love him, and i do, yes i do

day three. i am thankful for my lil man. i had no idea how truly different boys are from girls. from birth he has been such a blessing and joy. he was rough and tumble in my belly and is still rough and tumble.

this picture is from before we cut his lovely golden locks. i cried when we cut them because all the baby was gone. he has taught me so much in his short time here. like how to rejoice in the little accomplishments of the day. he's shown me how to live less fearfully. i love this boy and all the different dynamics that he adds to my family


mzzterry said...

oh my golly, that is so cute! lovin' his locks, I would cry to at having to cut them! you are so right, little boys and little girls are so different! God is so good to point out to you all the joy he brings thru your son.

DyessFam said...

I cried when we cut Braden's off. :( He had curls and that was the last we will probably ever see of them. On the other hand, he did start looking like a boy after that. Haha! Before we cut his hair, I pulled it back into a pony tail and it was like looking into a time machine mirror! Craziness!