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Thursday, November 3, 2011

what if Your blessings come through raindrops

two days in a row, don't believe it myself. my picture thank you is for wee lil sprout. she's quite the active baby so far. below is my favorite picture from her sono. she looked like she was waving hi to us, she did this right after the kids were talking to her. they thought it was super cool.

since it is Thursday i need to do my full thankful post.


1. laundry- being able to do this "chore" means that i am capable of being upright, walking and carrying things. that alone should make me grateful, but wait there's more..... it also means that i have clothes that need to be washed, how wonderful is that. I'm trying to look at housework through different eyes and seeing laundry as a blessing was step one

2. hot tea- i try to have a cup every morning to start me off on a calmer note

3. honey crisp apples- LOVE these apples. they are only available for a short time, so i try to eat all that i can when i can get them

4. my minivan- it seats all of us and is super comfy, love it

5. friends- what a blessing they are to me. words of encouragement and prayers when i need them. even better being able to do sweet things for them

6. yarn- my yarn stash has gone crazy, but I'm slowly using it up making things

7. learning new things- my sil sent me a spindle for my birthday and I'm so excited to try it out, now i just need some extra time in my day

8. kool-aid- not only do my kids drink it by the gallon, you can dye yarn with it. yep, that's also on my list of to do things

9. good food- we are cooking more and more at home. i forget how much better a good home cooked meal tastes than what you can get out.

10. good water- our water here leaves quite a bit to be desired, so we have been buying water. you know it's rough when you think someone has been cleaning with bleach because the chlorine smell is so strong from the water.

i hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend

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DyessFam said...

I've been doing the same thing! I have been trying to see all the stuff I have to do as a blessing and not an irritation. :) I am grateful that I have a house to clean and cleaning supplies to do it with. I am grateful that I have a backyard from whence the dirt and grime comes. I am grateful for the children to whom the busy and usually messy hands are attached!