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Thursday, December 13, 2012

so hold my hand, i'll walk with you my dear

 this is a two parter. first i will do a pictorial thank you list.

1. i am thankful for imaginations- the kids picked their costumes and had the best time dressing up. monkey did her costume on her own and was particularly proud of her Artemis costume.

 2. team work- monkey has decided to be in sports this year. volleyball has ended and basketball season has begun. I'm so excited to see monkey learning to be a team player

 3. family trips- we went to Louisiana with for a work trip for daddy. the kids had no use for most of it 
4.hugs- my kiddos give some of the best hugs on earth

5. kids who help- daddy was gone for over a week and the kids and i made chai and several other fun things.

6. getting older- I'm thrilled to be getting older, it is a privilege denied to many.
7. smiles- the princess has now lost 7 teeth and is about to lose another one

8. being a mom- 13 years ago i was blessed with monkey and my world hasn't been the same

9. silliness- wee sprout is an endless supply of silly in our house

10. the chance to stay home- it isn't the easiest job, but it has been the most rewarding

things here have been really busy. between games, band and school we have been going nonstop. monkey made symphonic band in all region and she loved it. on to the second part of the blog.....monkey has decided that she wants to do cross country next year and would like to start running 5ks. i am her biggest cheerleader and told her that i was super proud of her and would call our youth minister's wife, she's a runner, to see if she would help her. monkey looked at me and said "mom i would really love it if you would do them with me." ummm, I'm not a runner, never have been. she was so sincere and i said that i would. so i will be using my blog to keep you guys updated on our progress. I'm curious to see how  i will do. I'm very overweight and very out of shape, so this could be really painful for me. so for beginner stats here we go

week 1: weight 230
mile run,hahahaha, 14 min 32 sec
our youth minister's wife told me that i needed to have something to beat, so i "ran" my mile. really i walked it briskly. i told you i was out of shape and overweight.

i would love for any of you who read this to support me with words of encouragement. a sort of "holding my hand" as i start this journey


Adrienne said...

Girl - you can do it. I run but I run in intervals - much better for weight loss and your body - at my peak (just getting over an ankle injury) I would run 4 min and walk 1. I even do that in races and you would be shocked how many people you pass (even if you are not fast) b/c you are giving your body a rest on your walk break. Try running 2 min. and walking 2. Before you know it you will be bumping up your run time and cutting back on the walk. I have an interval watch (timex) that I've programed so I don't have to keep looking at what time it is. I am excited to share in your progress. You and your dgt are going to rock it!

queen of everything said...

thanks for the advice, i will try that. i love advice from people who actually do what they advise