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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

another one bites the dust

well the eldest of the wee finches has finished another book. last night she ran into the kitchen where i was sitting talking to pattyliciuos on the phone, and she proudly proclaimed that she had finished Charlotte's Web. it has be so amazing to watch her grow as a reader. when you ask her a question about the book she tells the answer in such an amazing way. she acts as though she was in the book. this is so wonderful because when i read i feel like i am in the book, so i think it is great that she feels the same way. tonight she will start the magician's nephew, the first book in the narnia series. she is way excited about it. tomorrow i will go to the library and get her another e.b. white book and another ramona book. i will also go purchase the next 5 of the magic treehouse series. the littlest of baby finches was at home with me yesterday due to severe allergies and looking like Quasimodo. whenever she gets a mosquito bite it swells, and she got one on that little patch of skin between her eye and eyebrow. when it swelled it made her look like the hunchback of notre dam. i also wanted to be a big copier and do a thankful list. i have seen these on a few different blogs and think that it is time that i do one as well.
1. my God, it is wonderful to be loved unconditionally

2. my family, they love me as unconditionally as is humanly possible

3. my old friends, it is good to be reminded of where i started and how far i have come

4. my new friends, although it seems that i should have known them longer, a few of the chosen few have even moved into the family realm.

5. peace, the kind that only comes from knowing where you have been and that your past does not define you, it simply help make you who you are in spite of it.

6. teachers, be they sunday school or the kind you find in schools. with out the teachers i had i would not be who i am. thank you mrs. goforth, my third grade teacher, for instilling in me the love of math, and for being a genuinely good person. thank you mr. higg, for giving me the love of theatre. there are many more teachers that i would love to thank, but the list would get really long.

7. babies, what a great way to start humans, God really got it right on that one.

8. music, all types. i love music. i love to sing and dance.

9. myspace, with out it i wouldn't have found some of the people that i had lost touch with after school.

10. mail, i love getting and sending mail. how lovely it is to get something other than a bill in the mailbox.

i like the idea of thankful lists, tune in next month for a new one. hope everyone has a great hump day.

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Baby Gator said...

Poor quasie....she just looked so sad. I loved the thankful list.