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Friday, September 14, 2007

love my life

i hope everyone is having as splendid of a day as i am. the baking of baby shower cakes is going well, and the wee one is napping. the eldest of wee finches now to be nicknamed monkey. the youngest of finches will now be nicknamed her highness. monkey took her AR test yesterday on Ramona, and she got a 100. we are so proud that she is doing so well. yesterday afternoon she got the last 3 of her 6 teeth worked on. i went and weighed in yesterday and i have lost 32 lbs. since february. the vegas trip is in 3 weeks. i am getting really excited about it. although her highness has been more attached lately than ever. i fear that pattylicious will not want anything to do with me after 3 days alone with her. speaking of pattylicious, i had lunch with her yesterday. we had subway, and i took her an apple. i thought the humor of taking the teacher an apple wouldn't be lost on her, and it wasn't. when i was getting ready to leave, her class began to migrate in. where i was sitting they couldn't see me until they walked into her office, and i scared several of them that walked in. i didn't intend to, but apparently someone you have never met before sitting in a chair that is usually empty is somewhat frightening. one of the girls asked what grade i was in, and she was serious. i laughed so hard. i hope she gets an A in pattylicious' class because she made my day. tonight is pizza night i am very excited. hope everyone has a great weekend. a quick shout to one of my dear friends who reads the blog "hey bonnie, love you".

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RamFam said...

Kudos on the weight loss! I hope you'll post pictures of the pretty cake. Good Job, Adara! Still on the path to being yet another Dunkin! Woohoo! Love y'all! :)