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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

our house

we have been slowly rearranging and fixing our lovely home. what was once the dining room is now the living room. what was once covered in several layers of funky flooring is now hardwood. anywho, the room is not finished completely, but this is what it looks like.

i also wanted to brag on my hubby. the other night while sitting in the yellowish green chair in the picture above, a giant spider fell from the ceiling. most of you know that i am horribly arachnophobic. anywho, this giant spider falls not two feet from where i am sitting, and i begin to squeal like a little girl. my husband, the mighty slayer of saber tooth spiders, leaps into action. he grabs the bug spray and soaks the fierce creature. then he smashes it, to make sure it is really dead not just faking it, then wipes it up and throws it away. then a day later another saber tooth spider gets into the house and my husband bravely smashes it flat. it is so nice to have someone around to kill the scary spiders, so i can stand on my chair and squeal like a little girl.

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RamFam said...

Wow! Very cool! Maybe we'll see it around thanksgiving. Kyle may head to TX, so we may have to. :)