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Friday, September 7, 2007

been awhile

hello, my loyal followers. i know it has been a while since i updated, but in my defense i have been very busy. as most of you already know we are rearranging the house. we have almost finished the new living room, and only have 3 things left to move. the play room is still being worked on. who knew that the girls had so many toys? this weekend is the baby shower for jaci. i went on Tuesday and helped her rearrange her house. wow, that was a lot of work. i went roller blading yesterday, and it felt awesome to be active. well, mostly awesome i went a little too hard, too fast, and threw up all of my breakfast. i took the next round much slower and easier. the youngest of finches is enjoying mom's day out. she gives me hugs and kisses then says bye and runs off and plays. the eldest of wee finches is doing good in school, but has hit a bit of a snag with the teacher. last night was not pretty at out house. finch took one look at the book she brought home to read and nearly fell out. it was called where is baby bear? it may be a second grade level book, but she is reading Ramona the pest w/o any issue. finch felt compelled to call the poor teacher, have i mentioned that she is a substitute? in order to keep his temper in check while getting his concerns about our little ones education conveyed, he decided to send an email instead. any who things are good and busy here. i am hosting a "Surprise Party" at pattylicious' house next Saturday if anyone is interested. hope everyone has a great weekend.


RamFam said...

I hope you'll post or email pics of the newly arranged house. I'd love to see it. When is Jaci due (and who is she?) What was the problem with the book? Too easy? I'm so glad she's reading Ramona! Does she like it? Has she visited the website? Can you forward me the email? I need a good laugh ;) Love ya! :)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love rearranging and organizing things!