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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

i swear i recognize your breath. haunting familiar, yet i can't seem to place it

ok today's is the last lyric to guess.

what i did yesterday. i went out to feed the 3 baby chicks that we have left, only to discover that 2 were m.i.a. that left one little scared chicken that i have named lucky lucy. she has been locked up for safe keeping. when we told monkey about the missing/dead chicks she cried. i expect this because she is a very sensitive child. what i don't understand is how to explain the chicks to her highness. she ran outside to help with the chicks, and kept looking around saying "chicky where are you?" we have plans to completely enclose the chicken run and get some more baby chicks by the end of the month.

i also am now the proud owner of a Nintendo wii. the hubby and monkey are way excited. i have little to no hand eye coordination, so when it comes to video games, well i just don't play. i am also a horrible winner and loser. i tend to be a wee bit competitive, and i just avoid those situations. last night while the hubby tried out the boxing game i began to knit washcloths. i am taking part of 3 swaps and i thought they might be cool to include.

we had some fierce wind last night. how fierce you ask. well it was strong enough to pick up our patio table, it is/was metal with a tempered glass top, and toss it 10 feet to shatter at my doorstep. the good news is we got lots of rain, so the garden will be happy.

what is going on with you? i send love and prayers out to my friend rachel. i understand what you're going through more than you know.

i found this link for princess mindy and all others who love peeps. enjoy.


RamFam said...

EEEeeewww!!! People eat those things! Yuck!

rachel (vanillafrog) said...

Thank you! We have a wii, too. Kevin camped out at Target for it the night they came out. The boxing game is great if you have pent up frustration or energy. You should play alone sometime! my computer at school doesn't recognize my google id.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am in totaly LOVE with that web site!!!

sweetflutterbys3 said...

I actually didn't mind buying the Wii for my kids. It really makes them get off the couch and move! I can't believe this, but I like Wii bowling a lot. It's fun!