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Monday, May 5, 2008

i take a look in the mirror, want to change my clothes, my hair my face

ok, it's been a while. i've been a wee bit busy. let's see this morning we discovered that we only have 3 baby chicks. keep in mind last night we had 27. we have a giant fence w/no holes that protects them, so that leaves chicken eating birds. we are very upset at the loss, so we are looking to get some more. we are also planning on completely enclosing the chicken area. what else have i done? glad you asked. i went to WW on monday. on tuesday i led girl scouts, we had a blast. wednesday i spent making 12 pizzas from scratch. they went over very well. i also made box brownies for the dessert. i don't want to catch any flak about the box brownies either. for supper on wednesday night i cook for around 40 people for $50 or less. the cost alone on box brownies roughly $7. now the price for scratch brownies has gone up a bit. have you priced flour recently? how about eggs? milk is roughly $4 a gallon now, unless you get it from braums. anyway, i have been super diligent about my points this week, but i desperately wanted to eat brownies too. what is a girl to do? i saw a package of no pudge fudge brownie mix, fat free, sitting on the shelf at my local united. well, they were awesome. way better than box brownies ever are. then on thursday i spent the day doing laundry. good fun. friday finch took a 1/2 day and we worked on the garden, and i mowed the yard. monkey had her proud crowd lock in on friday, and saturday we some more of our garden. so far we have 8 cucumbers, 4 zucchini, 7 maters, 3 tams peppers, 4 bell peppers, 2 mucho nacho peppers, 1 banana pepper, 8 rows of corn, 2 rows of okra, 2 rows of peas, 2 rows of snow peas, 1 row of blackeyed peas, 1 row of purple pole beans, and 1 row of green beans. we still need to get watermelons, pumpkins, eggplant, and a few other melons. oh a hint on last monday's song here you go: this song came out in the early to mid 90's, the beginning of the line i used is " i want to have control." good luck

edited to say we now only have one baby chick left. i went out to check them this morning and only lucky lucy is still with us.


RamFam said...

I'm so sorry about your chickens!!! :( What a loss of money, too. We've been busy as well, but don't have so much to show for it. I'm quite jealous. I'm going to try to get my garden in soon. I've always wondered about those no pudge brownies. I think the little piggy is too cute. I actually prefer box brownies to homemade. I haven't found a recipe that can compare.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Oh I hate that about the chickens!

I would love to have chickens. There is nothing better than fresh eggs.

I am so proud of you and your WW points!

I bet the garden will look wonderful.

DyessFam said...

Go Reina! Yay, WW. I've been looking in on that....haven't decided to do it yet, though. I'll have to let you know. Thanks for the comments and for the hope that we get well soon.:) I'm sorry about your little chickies! We used to have rabbits that got taken by coyotes. Very disheartening!