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Monday, May 12, 2008

a mother who has raised her son so well

a big HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY to all of the mothers that read my blog. sometimes i get sad because i don't really get gifts for most holidays, this one included. today i took the time to look at all of the things that i have been given and i would like to share them with you.

peace roses were my granny's favorite roses. this is just one of many on my rose bush.
a beautiful pink rose. i have two of these bushes, and they are covered.
finch worked with a lady that had three rose bushes that she was going to just throw away because she didn't like them. we went and dug them up and put them in giant rubbermaid containers. when we moved into our house 2 months later we planted them. they are beautiful. they are covered with red roses that smell heavenly. two are regular rose bushes and one is a climber.
a heavenly smelling white rose that sits in my rose garden.
this is the climber. what you see in the back ground is my solarium. when the wind blows just right you can smell the roses in the house.

below are the wiimotes for our new wii. i really enjoy it. in fact it is the only time in my life i have ever bowled over 100.

her highness wanted to play too, but she doesn't understand the games much, she is after all 2.

last night monkey announced that she wanted a new haircut. a short one that comes to her ears. well, she also thought that i should get a haircut. while watching all the goings on her highness thought she should get one too. here are the results.
you can't really tell how short mine is in the picture. it barely skims my jawline. her highness just got a bang trim, but she was eager to "say cheese, please" so everyone could see.
this picture doesn't do justice to the new do. she looks so much older than her mere 8 years. i'm not sure how i feel about that, but the cut is very flattering and easy to care for.
this is the honeysuckle that sits on the other side of the solarium. anytime the wind blows you can smell it all through the house. while some moms may get flowers for mothers' day. i have 17 rose bushes that are covered from spring to fall in roses. more mums than i can count and tons of other flowers that i enjoy year round. God has truly blessed me with two beautiful girls and so many other things that i couldn't list them all if i had a million years.

i wanted to share the names of the songs that i picked. the song from 4/8/08 is "creep" by radiohead. this song came out when i was in high school. it has been one of my faves since then. the next song is "dancing in the dark" by bruce the boss springsteen. the final song is "elderly woman behind the counter in a smal town" by pearl jam. if you haven't heard it find it and listen to it. i love the lyrics to the song and could use a different one for just about all my blogs. such as "i change by not changing at all" or "small town predicts my fate". any who, i hope to get the last two gifties sent out this week. i hope everyone has a splendid week.


RamFam said...

All of the new do's are very cute!!! Did Finch do them or a salon? I'm very tempted to buzz Adeline's as it is so thick and hard to keep at any length!
BTW 10 more days!!!

Mzzterry said...

You are so blessed. I hope you realize that! I am proud of the woman you have become =).

(your friend rachels mom)

Adrienne said...

wow - you can grow roses ... and lots of them ... I'm impressed. I don't think I could keep one alive. I LOVE your new do - it is so becoming.

vanillafrog said...

the rose pictures are gorgeous and i love the picture of her highness trying to play wii...gives me hope for the new generation :)

rosemond said...

These are beautiful photos! What pretty girls you have!