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Thursday, August 28, 2008

baby we were born to run

heard the boss on the way home from the store. i really enjoyed hearing the songs that make you guys grin. i actually had to look up "sharks" by morphine. it was a really cool song, so i put it on my playlist. it is rare that i haven't heard of a song. this week has been busy, but very good. yesterday was my first Wednesday night supper at church entirely by myself. it went very well. we had about 50 or so there, and i had the girls home and in bed by 8:45. finch said that class went well, and he is really excited about what the future may bring. monkey is REALLY enjoying school. in fact she hasn't gotten in trouble at all so far. this is impressive because she is quite the talker. i know it is hard to believe, but it is true. I've been trying to put together a care box for a blogger friend for quite some time, but i am the world's biggest procrastinator. i finally have every thing together for it, and will be sending it this afternoon. well, with out further ado, my thankful list.


1. mail- i love getting mail, i love sending mail. as much as i love to get little surprises in the mail, i also love to send them. my MIL is really good about sending gifties at random times. in fact i have been known to go overboard during swaps.

2. swaps- i love the idea of getting something from someone you have never met. my first swap was over at princess mindy's. she has great swaps, and i hope that our falling out won't exempt me from them. i fear the opposite however.

3. birthdays- i have a big one coming up, 3 decades. my hubby isn't big on birthdays, so usually i get a hug and kiss and a cake that he and the girls make for me.

4. my washer and dryer- really they are awesome. they make my normal housewife chores much easier.

5. books- you should see my den. it is lined with books. this doesn't even include the cookbooks that i have, or the craft books. they have separate areas.

6. fabric.com- it is a new find for me, and it is AWESOME. i purchased the fabric for my flirty apron swap there.

7. my mom- she called yesterday to see how i was doing because she hadn't heard from me in several days.

8. my hubby- he is logical beyond logical. in fact if it can't be explained logically he looks at you like you're nuts. in spite of this, he loves more than i ever knew someone could.

9. blogger friends- i haven't met most of them, but the comments they leave generally make my day.

10. family- we are in discussion about moving closer to our families. my mom and aunt are the only remnants of my family that still live in this area. my hubbies family all live down south as does my family. well, other than leah who could very easily move back too, take a hint. we'll see what the future brings.

what are you grateful for? take a minute to think about it. i am putting together extra aprons for giveaways during the month leading up to my birthday. i'll keep you guys updated. thanks for reading.


RamFam said...

Let's see, I'm thankful for: 1. snow 2. distance from insanity 3. summers with only four days over 100 degrees 4. The National Mall 5. Five Guys 6. Gravelly Point 7. Closeness to my son when he's in the states 8. No MS episodes for my husband 9. The ability to travel 12 hours and pass through 12 states 10. the proximity to so much history, diversity, and cool places.

Take a hint! ;)

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

thankful for: 1. coffee with cinammon; 2. a sweet friend who stayed on the phone w/me until 2am; 3. anything pink - it cheers me (uhm except for pepto bismol); 4.the sexy voice of teh guy who sings for nickelback; 5.my doggie; 6. that the early morning fog lifted; 7. a full tummy; 8. grace that abounds; 9. boonieville's eccentricities; 10. that God love 'em folks were discussing me at the john deere dealership of all places... wondering how i was... that makes me smile!

Pattylicious said...

Amen for the hot voice of Chad Kroeger! I am totally digging that. I totally love your lists....they are just like what I think of 70% of the time (and yes...I totally did the math on that.) so it is like having of list of twenty instead of ten. TTYL.

* TONYA * said...

Isn't it amazing how sometimes complete strangers can really make your day wonderful. I love my blogger friends too. I'm making it my new mission to meet as many as possible in person.

Tracy said...


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