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Friday, December 5, 2008

i know i've been here before

i would have posted yesterday, but i was working hard at getting rid of the blahs. i have died my hair, painted my nails, ordered the hubby's anniversary surprise, helped out a friend, baked banana bread, and finished all the laundry in my house. i feel like super woman. well, we are busy cleaning the house today for pizza night so i will get on my list.


1. helping others- what an amazing thing to be able to do.

2. nail polish- dark vampire red as i am currently wearing is one of my winter favorites.

3. feria- it was my chosen hair dye in college and i am enjoying dark hair this winter.

4. being asked my opinion- my SIL called to ask about truffles. i love to make truffles during the holiday season, and being asked about it makes me feel competent about something.

5. baking- the banana bread made the entire house smell heavenly. today i'm making bonnie's favorite sugar cookies.

6. reading- the hubby bought me the new book of short stories by stephen king and i'm about half way through it, and i have found myself reading instead of napping. well, and laying down causes instant heartburn.

7. coffee with friends- pattylicious and i after shopping last night stopped by and got coffee. it was nice to sit and chat without being tugged in a hundred directions.

8. my AMAZING husband- last night he insisted that we drive to the big city so i could get pattylicious a dress for her party tonight. he volunteered to stay at the house and watch the kids so we could go by ourselves. that's right all the kids at bedtime. when we made it back to the house we found four sweet sleeping children of pattylicious and two little girls ready to go home and get some rest.

9. music- what an amazing lift it can bring to the soul.

10. an unexpected hug- i'm not a touchy feely kind of girl, but amazon saw that i looked bummed and she walked right up and gave me a big hug, "cause you look like you need one." i have amazing friends.

i heard rumors of snow again, but i'm beginning to wonder if we're going to get any this year. the hubby and i are celebrating 10 years of wedded bliss in 2 weeks, and the question arose "what do you want?" the hubby is easy he likes to makes his own beer, so a beer kit keeps him content. i'm also getting him some good cologne. as for me...? i told him i was happy and content with what i have, so i really didn't want anything. my mom of course said that i needed to think of something, but really i think i own every small appliance known to man. i have tons of pjs, a nice new robe, nice smelly good, and i am at a loss for what to ask for. the hubby's reply was "well, then think of where you would like to go on vacation, and we'll save up for it." i asked with or without kids because we have never vacationed without the wee ones firmly attached. he said both. well, enough about me. what are you thankful for this week? a hug from a child, breakfast in bed, a shoulder to cry on, or the glorious season that we find ourselves in? i'm thankful for all of those and so much more. take some time to think about it. find the joy in the season and share it with others.


Mzzterry said...

Keep your head up and your blahs will eventually fade. We all go thru phases like that, some of us more than others. I battle depression so I know where you are coming from. Praying the sun will soon be shining brightly on you again!!

sweetflutterbys3 said...

You sound like you are doing fantastic! Just as Mzzterry said, it'll pass.

My "thankful" this week has to be baking. I'm so thankful we have enough to allow me to give cookie gift boxes to everyone from co-workers to teachers to friends; and I'm also thankful I can spend time baking with my kids. The time we spend together, talking and baking, is priceless.

I hope you have a good week!

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