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Thursday, December 11, 2008

and breathe, just breathe

ok, so i haven't gotten much sleep this week and it is really taking its toll on me. the hubby bought me the book twilight used. he knows how much i love to read, and i've always had a thing for vamps. anyway he said for $4.50 he couldn't pass it up. had he known that the series was like heroin for me he might have passed. i started the books on sunday night before church, and i finished last night at 11:30. the hubby was thrilled because i didn't care if he stayed up and played on the wii. i was thrilled that she ended the series well, but i was sad that it was over. i read the dark tower series by stephen king and was furious at the ending, but he isn't known for his happy endings. anyway i woke up this morning sick. my stomach isn't holding anything down and i am having some difficulty breathing. i hope to nap when her heiness does, and maybe that will help some. the problem is that i am highly prone to bronchitis and these are usually the beginning symptoms for me. yeah i know that bronchitis isn't that bad, but usually it only takes mine 2 days until it is pneumonia. usually the doc gives antibiotics and steroids, but being preggers they don't like to give either to me. i am hoping that the usual cure of rest and liquids will have me up and normal soon. well before i begin to wallow in self pity her is my thankful list:


1. good books- they were seriously impossible for me to put down which says quite a bit because i am a busy girl.

2. good friends- amazon brought me breakfast this morning because the hubby told her i wasn't feeling well.

3. tums maximum strength- oh yeah heartburn hit early this pregnancy.

4. hot drinks- they almost help the nausea and sore throat.

5. the wii- it has made an excellent grounding item for monkey

6. realizing my weaknesses- i am part of the children's christmas program at my church, and i am so not made to work with children. i ADORE my kids, but wow an hour and a half with these kids and i am ready to commit serious atrocities.

7. my kiddos- not sure what i would do without there love and affection. they are so kind and loving.

8. the christmas season- LOVE this time of year and all that it means

9. my awesome phone- oh yeah still loving the phone.

10. bellydancing classes- i will be taking a class in the spring on monday nights, and i am way excited about it.

well, it is quickly nearing nap time and i need to get her heiness ready, so until next time think about what you are thankful for. have a great day and thanks for the awesome comments.


sweetflutterbys3 said...

I am going to have to get that Twilight series. Everyone raves about it.

I'm sorry you are not feeling well. I had bronchitis then pneumonia when I had my first child. They put me on erythromycin which made me throw up constantly. Not a pleasant time! Anyway, I'll say a prayer for your quick recovery.

Bellydancing? You go, girl!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

totally fascinated by the belly dancing classes! when i was little Bessie lived next door - she was Greek Orthodox and her granddaughter woudl come visit & she took bellydancing classes and tried to teach me in the backyard... quite fun!

hope you feel better soon...

vanillafrog said...

hey, i need your snail mail addy again...leave me a message on facebook.

Living on the Spit said...

I know it's a week late, but I am praying that you are feeling much better. I am thinking about you!

Miss you!

Love ya,


vanillafrog said...

so, did you literally get sucked into a twilight book?

Mzzterry said...

Are you okay, Mrs. Reina? We haven't heard from you in a while. Prayers are with you.