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Monday, December 8, 2008

she was glad about it... no doubt about it

what a weekend we had. amazon and her crew came over for pizza night, and she brought the latest addition. he is a beautiful boxer puppy named copper. he and bruno played around outside while we enjoyed homemade pizza. we put up the tree friday and i am always so impressed at how beautiful it is. the girls had a blast putting decorations on it. saturday was a laze about kind of day. we put up the rest of the decorations and just hung out as a family. we looked up potential vacation ideas, and have decided on Sandals in Jamaica. we are going to get the romantic honeymoon package, and pawn the kids off on family for a week. this won't be for another 2 years because we want the wee one to be big enough that it can be left with someone. we also looked at taking the whole family to Beaches resort. monkey is way more than excited, but got a little whiny when i explained that it would be after the little one was born that we would go. the hubby says that we can fly first class, how awesome is that. i have never flown first class, and i can't begin to describe my excitement. we are hoping to be able to fly to see the SIL in DC at some point in the future, but once again all travel is on hold until after the wee one arrives in May. monkey has taken to calling the baby Q, which is what we will call it if it's a boy. his given name will be my husband's name, but instead of the 3rd he will be the 4th. we decided Q for cuatro. yes i know it doesn't start with q, but it does have the q sound. something else may come to us before then, but i would feel guilty if only one member of our family got a somewhat common name. we should know next month what we are having. i am officially incapable of hiding the burgeoning belly. the hubby really digs the belly, but i find it somewhat exasperating that some of my friends showed less carrying twins than i do carrying one. the doctor is wanting to induce early due to the size that my babies tend to grow. we haven't discussed how early yet, but at least one week possibly two is my guess. her heiness arrived a week early weighing in at 9 1/2 lbs. monkey was 2-3 weeks early she weighed 7 lbs 11 oz, so the doctor is a wee bit concerned that this one could be even larger. i didn't gain much weight with either pregnancy nor did i have gestational diabetes, so basically i just have big babies. the hubby says that it is the native american in me. that i have big indian babies that can survive on the plains. her heiness pages, so until next time have a great week.


sweetflutterbys3 said...

How exciting! I remember those days very fondly- coming up with names, waiting impatiently for the first sonogram, worrying about the birth (at least that is how I was. You sound much more relaxed!). After my first pregnancy, my tummy popped out as soon as they said congrats, your pregnant. I was always huge!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

you crack me up! glad you had a beautiful weekend... and what fun to be planning a getaway. so much to look forward too... isn't God good that way?! blessings on your week...