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Monday, December 1, 2008

tinkerbell, tinkerbell, tinker all the way

her heiness was singing those words sung to the tune of jingle bells this morning, and it has kind of stuck in my head. i should add that she watched the tinker bell movie this morning on tv. i hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed turkey day. i was in pville, or stephen kingville as i have often called it for the festivities. the girls were thrilled to spend so many days in a row with the grandma. we had a wonderful time cooking, laughing and just having a great time. i am almost finished with my apron for the christmas apron swap. unfortunately, i have no car, so it will be sent one day late. i'm beginning to wonder if i'm ever going to have a vehicle again. there is a rumor that the pappy will be coming for a visit, but i'm not sure when. i had hoped to get the christmas tree up on saturday, but we hung with the cowden clan instead. it was well worth it. here is my thankful list:


1. antacids- even though i didn't eat a fraction of what i wanted, pregnancy heartburn is serious business.

2. children singing- i don't think that there is a sweeter sound than that of children singing. well, maybe children laughing.

3. budgets- i spent several hours this morning redoing our budget to adjust for new paydays. it is so nice to see that everything can be paid on time, and that we are still on target for being out of debt.

4. angel food ministries- with out them i wouldn't be able to stay on my budget food wise.

5. my hubby- as bad as he irritates me sometimes, i am SO BLESSED to have such an amazing man. anyone who could love the damaged goods he got a hold of must be amazing.

6. my buds- i'm pretty tough on friends. i expect a lot from them, and i hope that i am as good of a friend to them as they are to me.

7. snow- i am beginning to wonder if we're ever going to get any. snow is what makes the cold bearable.

8. getting older- it is amazing how petty things seem now, that were so important not too many years ago. i look forward to many years left to come.

9. good food- i was responsible for the rolls this turkey day, and i think i did a pretty good job on them. they tasted wonderful.

10. the great outdoors- i love to look around and see all of the wonderful things God has made in this world.

i hope that you had lots of things on your thankful list. there are so many things to be grateful for. when the cramping gets really bad, i am grateful to not be spotting. when i can't breathe out of my nose, i am grateful that i can breathe at all. when i get discouraged at the giant round shape i am beginning to take, i rejoice at the life growing inside. take some time to reflect and find joy in the little things. wear a smile, it will keep people guessing.


sweetflutterbys3 said...

Ok, you must share that roll recipe now!

Great thankful list. With all the complaining I do about the small stuff, you make me get my head on straight with your lists. Keep 'em coming!

vanillafrog said...

i shared your tinkerbell song with some friends at work! they said it's cute!