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Thursday, April 16, 2009

i go walkin after midnight

usually it's just to the potty. went to the Dr today and got some awesome news. there have been no changes. woo hoo!!!!! i know i was stoked too. she said that i can up my activity level some, but not to go too crazy. she did the tummy measurement and he's measuring term, yeah he's a big boy. she also told us that the TX board of obgyn's has changed their feelings about inducing before 39 weeks. this means that unless i go naturally, she can't induce me before may 12. i can't say thank you enough for all the prayers. i know that is why i haven't popped yet, trust me the doctor looked surprised that there weren't any changes. what an awesome God we have. well i am currently making dinner, so i need to make this short. my thankful list. I AM THANKFUL FOR:

1. prayers- i really can't say thank you enough.

2. being overly prepared- we went Monday and got a car seat, newborn diapers, bottles, and bags for breast milk. all of Q's clothes are washed and put where they go. his bassinet sits comfortably by my hubby's side of the bed. bags are packed for the hospital, i feel so much better when everything is ready.

3. mail- imagine my surprise when i went to the post office and there was a box from bex. it contained goodies for the girls and the little man. i was so excited i love paper dolls, and apparently so does her heiness.

4. texts- what a quick and easy way to let everyone know how I'm doing.

5. my girls- they have been so sweet, well mostly, this past few weeks. her heiness has been very concerned about her brother.

6. rain- i am listening to the rain as i type and i am so thankful that we have finally gotten some moisture.

7. no accidents- her heiness has been wearing big girl panties and doing very well in them. usually only 1 accident a day.

8. my hubby- he made sure that we got everything we would need for the door hangy at the hospital, and put it together.

9. being off bed rest- well mostly off. i can't wait to get outside and see how my yard looks.

10. you guys- thanks so much for all the kind words and thoughts. they have really helped me out of the terrible funk i have found myself in.

i hope all is well in your worlds. take a minute and find something to be thankful for.


Pattylicious said...

YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!! Stay in there, lil boy. You here me? STAY!

sweetflutterbys3 said...

It was great to hear your good news! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Yay, I'm glad that both of you are doing well. I'm glad that you guys liked the package (it got there really fast!) :-)

DyessFam said...

I love that you are doing so well! Yay! Praise our awesome, wonderful, healing God!!! And we should absolutely have an East Texas get-together! That would be so fun. Need to have it at the park or an indoor playground, though. Lots of kids would be involved, I think.:)