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Thursday, April 9, 2009

she left the suds in the bucket and the clothes hanging out on the line

thank you for all the well wishes. this has been a tough week so far. we made another trip to the hospital yesterday because the downward pressure isn't easing up at all, and i don't feel my contractions. thank goodness there was no change since Sunday. they were discussing giving the baby some roids, but they decided against it. went to see the dr. for my regularly scheduled visit this morning and there is no change. this is better than great news. she took me off bed rest and put me on light duty. this means i can get off my butt. it feels so nice to do laundry. the bad news is I'm still dilated and effaced farther than i should be at this point. the good news is she thinks that due to his size he would be just fine if he decided to come early. so, I'm allowed to be functional just not too functional. I'm learning to recognize my limits. i have tons to be thankful for this week, so here it is, my thankful list. I AM THANKFUL FOR:

1. my new recliner- the hubby got me one on Sunday when he was told that i needed to be reclined for the majority of the day.

2. my friends- seriously you guys rock. i have gotten emails, texts, calls, and comments about the prayers you guys are sending up for me. did i mention my brother and sister haven't even inquired about how I'm doing? thanks guys you rock.

3. my hubby- not only did he get me a cool new recliner, he has stayed home or close to home all week.

4. flowers- the tulips are in bloom and they are beautiful. they really help cheer a girl up when she is feeling down.

5. comfy clothes- it makes it nice to be able to lounge in comfy clothes, so i don't feel like I'm being cut in two.

6. knitting- at least it has kept my hands busy this week.

7. being mobile- no really I'm thrilled to be able to do laundry.

8. nurses that have a sense of humor- my nurse Sunday was hilarious, and that really helped my nerves considerably.

9. my cell phone- at least i could check and send emails while reclined.

10. normal blood pressure- it is one less thing to worry about during this less than fun time.

i really can't say thanks enough for all of the prayers and well wishes. as eager as i am to meet the little one, i hope he doesn't decide to arrive until after April 27th. i hope this Easter finds everyone with family and loved ones. my mom is coming in for the weekend, so it should be a good time.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that everything is doing better. I hope he hangs out a little longer and that you are feeling better. Have a good Easter and take care.

Living on the Spit said...

My Father, who passed away two years ago was born on April 27th. My 2nd son was born on April 24th and my youngest son was born on April 23rd!!! So shoot for one of those days...I love Taurus men...smart, subdued, and have wonderful hearts.

RamFam said...

I thought you had the roids! Heehee. I guess that's always my biggest pregnancy discomfort. Anyway, I know how awful those last weeks can be. Praying for you guys always. Oh, and as I'm weaning (or trying to) right now, this will be the first time I haven't been pregnant or breastfeeding in over four years. Go me!
Hope you have a blessed Easter! :)

Mzzterry said...

Prayers that you feel the peace of CHrist. Everything will happen in His time.

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

This is the hardest part....but in a few weeks you won't even remember it because of the beautiful baby!! I love new baby smell. Happy Easter!

sweetflutterbys3 said...

I'm so glad you have that hubby of yours. He sounds like a gem. Like Lola said, this will pass and it'll become a story you'll tell over and over to the baby as he grows!