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Friday, April 24, 2009

i come to the garden alone

I've been a little busy since the doctor allowed mobility. in fact I've been really busy. Monday i went to pattylicious' OAP public performance. the kids did a good job. i did recommend something a little less depressing next year, like Antigone where everyone dies. the doctor was sick yesterday, so no internal exam. that's right i have no idea if the additional activity has had any effect or not. I'm officially 36 1/2 weeks, so i took myself off bed rest completely. if you guys haven't read living on the spit before, you need to read this post. i nearly fell off my chair laughing. my hubby got really concerned because i was having trouble breathing. we have been working outside on a wee haven from the tremendous wind, and we are almost where we want it to be. i hope to post pics soon, but don't hold your breath. the hubby is almost finished cooking breakfast, so i will speed this up. my thankful list:


1. sunshine- it brightens everything up. all the trees and plants look like they are finally recovering from the late blizzard we got.

2. my hubby- he works so hard to provide for his family. he has been working for several weeks now to get the hot tub up and running, so we can enjoy it. he has made the patio a little piece of heaven.

3. our budget- with out it none of our projects would have been possible.

4. flowers- they are blooming everywhere and they remind me of how much God loves us. to give us little reminders of joy.

5. sun tea- that's right we have been thoroughly enjoying sun tea all week here. now i just need to be patient and let the mint get big enough i can use it.

6. resolution- for quite some time there has been a huge rift at our church. it is difficult to attend when instead of thinking of God, you're making sure not to step on people's toes. there appears to be a resolution on the horizon, and i am thankful for it.

7. hot showers- so relaxing

8. the stars- they remind me just how small i really am

9. the future- at the longest we have 2 1/2 weeks before we get to meet the newest member of our little family. i am beside myself excited, so is her heiness.

10. acceptable weight gain- it looks like i may actually gain the amount of weight that I'm supposed to this pregnancy. i haven't gained weight with the girls pregnancies, so I'm hoping that gaining it with Q is a good thing.

I'm going to go outside and take pics of our beautiful haven and our little indoor garden. i will try to edit them in later. take care and have a great weekend.


Living on the Spit said...


Thank you so much for your shout out!!!

I am glad I can make you laugh.

Love you!

sweetflutterbys3 said...

Can't wait to hear the good news soon! I can't believe the baby is almost here. Wow.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

been thinkin' of you... glad to hear all is well and flowers are bloomin'! ours are green leaves... no blooms... yet.