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Friday, June 11, 2010

i'm going home

i have really pondered about this blog post. mainly because i don't want it to be taken out of context. i do not proclaim to be a nice person, i do not proclaim to be the most christian person, and i surely do not claim to be the end all or the be all. if you need help, more often than not i will help. i do however expect a certain level of.... decorum to be upheld. i have had a really hard time this week being grateful. it seems like everywhere i look i find cruelty. i don't understand. so i haven't posted a thankful list, to those who still read i do apologize. this week has brought me to a very dark place. i am praying to be through this soon. here are my thankfuls, a day late, but not a dollar short.


1. pattylicious- sometimes i don't understand why she is so loyal a friend, but weeks like this i sure am glad she is.

2. my hubby- i don't understand his logic sometimes. i don't understand why he insists on me being level headed, but I'm glad that he sticks with me.

3. old friends- some of my friends from middle and high school have really cheered me up this week on facebook

4. pizza night- this has been a family tradition for a little over a decade. i love the good food and good times.

5. honesty- i can't stress how much i appreciate this. if you can't be honest with me then don't be around me.

6. crafting- i crocheted a market bag this week and i don't care for the design, but i love the color.

7. my mom- she came to visit this week and she was a definite uplift to the crap week I've had.

8. cooking- have i mentioned we are only eating at home now. the food is awesome, if you don't mind me bragging on me.

9. understanding- this only covers so much before it flies out the door and gets demolished by a passing semi.

10. truly knowing someone- i have learned a very important lesson this week.

11. the ability to help others- this too has been exploited and i find myself hardening against it in the future. i HATE being used.

12. good upbringing- i don't assume that i had a normal childhood, in fact most of you would call me a liar if i ever decided to post my whole story, i was raised to be caring, honest, and kind. i appreciate those characteristics in others.

13. my kids- have i mentioned how much i love them.

14. hornsby- sipping a cold one and calming down currently.

15. the sunshine- i hate the heat, but love the sun. i know it sounds strange, but i love the way the sun feels when I'm feeling down.

16. the garden- my how it grows

17. puppies- have i mentioned lefty?

18. blogs- I'm so glad to be able to read blogs again.

19. my ac- have i mentioned it has been hot

20. snow cones- we are thinking of opening one.

i am thankful for second chances those i have given and those that have been given to me. i hope to not let down those who have given friendship another go. so what are you thankful for? thanks again to those of you who still read and have a great weekend.


Pattylicious said...

It's because I am a pisces.

Rosemond said...

I hope this week goes better for you!! We all have those times when people let us down...nothing hurts worse.

Becky said...

Just wanted to thank you for popping in and leaving a comment on my blog! So nice when I find fellow bloggers so close to home.

You have several blogs I see. Whew. I can only keep up with one. Your daughter's haircut is - uh - cute. I remember when my sister did that MANY years ago. At least it grows. And they are cute kids.