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Thursday, June 24, 2010

paranoia, paranoia everybody's coming to get me, just say you never met me

what an awesome week this has been for my little family. we got to travel to midland with daddy for work, and that is always a good time. we played in the pool, play putt putt, and ping pong. then home we headed to get the house picked up in time for a grandma visit. i got an invite to a friend's wedding reception in the piney woods area, and I'm really hoping we can go. i haven't seen most of these friends in almost 15 years. i have found so much to be thankful for this week. i am so blessed. i have actually had time to post on both my craft blog and my cooking blog, so if you wonder what I'm doing in either of those areas check it out. i am hoping to post more goodness on both soon. on to my thankfuls


1. my friends- i have some of the most awesome friends in the world. seriously my friends ROCK. I LOVE YOU GUYS.

2. my hubby- i can't say how much i appreciate his goodness and kindness.

3. quotes- i do love a good quote. want some good ones watch tombstone.

4. ac- this isn't the hottest summer ever, not even close, but it is summer.

5. thunder boomers- what an amazing storm we had last night. tons of rain and lightening. i love the storms that are fierce without being deadly. i have no need for tornadoes or giant hail, but a good thunder boomer with lots of rain is amazing to behold.

6. my garden- i will try to take some pictures of it soon. we have tons of tiny zucchini blossoms, and that means tons of zucchini.

7. my kids- they are so wonderful.

8. frozen burritos- yummy quick food.

9. learning something new- love learning.

10. teachers- ah the unsung hero of the future. to all of my friends who have this profession, WAY TO GO- YOU ROCK. no really i don't think they hear that often enough.

thank you for all who read. what are you thankful for this week? the kind word of a friend when you were down, a much needed family vacation, new life, new hope, a new chance, the hug of a friend, the love of a child. i hope this weekend finds you blessed with love. i will be trying my hand at a couple of new recipes this weekend and you will be able to find them on my cooking blog.

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sweetflutterbys3 said...

Way cool thankful list! I loved #3 and 5, and #7 for my kids, of course!

We are going through some rough patches lately so I'm going to say I'm so very thankful and blessed to have my family- my husband and kids. A girl couldn't ask for better than I have. And my husband's jobs. So many don't have either and I try to remember that.

And for my sister and brother. I'm so proud of the service they offer others everyday. My sister is a nurse and my brother has served almost 20 years in the Navy.

Thanks for the reminder to be grateful!