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Thursday, June 17, 2010

i love you, i honestly love you

what an amazing week this has been. i thought i would include some pictures this go round. my love has been working close to home, so we have gotten to spend tons of time together as a family. the church took the kids to jump and jive and the kids had such a great time. below is lefty, he is a lab mutt. his left arm is the only limb that doesn't have spots of some form on it. he has a sleeve on his right arm and capped toes on his back legs. when he rolls on his belly it looks like he is wearing a holster. he is such a good boy.

below is a pick of her heiness and her new friend. her friend is the daughter of my friend, who will be known as peaches. peaches was the school librarian when monkey was in kindergarten. i met her again in my crochet class. what an amazing lady she is.
this was the last day of pre-k. all the kids surrounded the teacher to hug her and tell her how much they would miss her.

this is the q man. monkey did his hair in a Mohawk after playing in the water. isn't he the sweetest thing ever.

i am currently making a set of booties and hat for our music minister and his wife, well their baby. i hope to post pics, i know I'm so bad at posting pics. on to my thankfuls.
1. netflix- we really enjoy the instant play movies. they have tons of scoobydoo and veggie tales available for the kids, and the hubby and i are catching all of the dead zone series.
2. love- it is so good to be loved, and to love others.
3. God- without Him and His guidance i would be lost. literally i would be doomed to a terrible life and afterlife.
4. rain- love the summer rain, how it cools things off and makes everything seem new again.
5. idiots- without whom i wouldn't realize how special teachers truly are.
6. teachers- i don't know how you guys do it, but thank you for all you do.
7. answered prayers- there have been several of these lately, thanks God
8. good food- we had kabobs and homemade pudding tonight. love good food
9. angel food- seriously i don't know how we would make it without it.
10. my home- we have lived in our current dwelling for a little over 6 years now, and i love it more everyday.
what are you thankful for this week? your ac working again, your spouse, your friends, your family. take time to tell those you care about what they mean to you. thanks again for reading, and i have actually posted on both of my other blogs this week. have a great week and God bless


Adrienne said...

I'm thankful for some great family time we've been able to have recently ... and looks like I'd like to ad Netflix to our list of thanful things too!

Pattylicious said...

Good list, Holmes.