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Monday, June 7, 2010

some fools never learn

i had every intention of blogging last Thursday, but something else to be grateful for came along. things are good around here. i have come to the realization that other people's desire for drama doesn't have to drag me down. a blogger friend reached out for help, and i offered a hand. she and her fiance are now residents of my beloved town. we have been enjoying showing off the local food and scenery. the fiance who was renamed ted by her heiness has become a constant friend to the kids. well Thursday ted got an interview for a job, this was super awesome and we were all very excited. on Thursday afternoon he got a call that he got the job, he started on Friday. talk about answered prayer. did i mention her heiness cut her hair, again.

yeah, it is that short all over. it was a bit heartbreaking for me and her once she realized she was in trouble.

isn't this cool. we got it as a birthday gift for q and a summer toy for all the kids. they love it.

those are the booties i made for my brother. his daughter is expected in august.

the kiddos in the lil kiddy pool. they are all getting so big. q loves the water.
now on to the thankfuls:
1. air conditioning- it is so hot already. we are expecting 100s all week.

2. my hubby- he helps keep me calm when i really want to punch somebody upside their head.
3. crafts- it feels so good to be crafting.
4. my friends- what an amazing group of people. you help keep me grounded and remind me that maybe i am a good person.
5. good food- I've been doing lots of cooking lately, and i am loving it.
6. ice- loving cold drinks in the hot weather
7. my kids- q is officially walking. he has been taking steps for a little over month now, but this morning he was walking all over the living room.
8. prayer- i heard that if you pray for someone it is hard to stay angry with them, and amen it is true.
9. netflix- currently the kids are watching veggie tales on instant watch.
10. a sense of humor- someone once said "if you can't laugh at yourself you maybe missing out on the joke of the century", learning to laugh at myself and the silliness that surrounds me has really helped with the insanity.
i am thankful for all the sweet comments. i am thankful for people who understand that there is more to life than meets the mere eye. what are you thankful for? perhaps a kind word when you were down, the chance to be a grandma for the first time, or maybe a job when the job hunt seemed hopeless? i hope this week finds you in a blessed place.


Pattylicious said...


sweetflutterbys3 said...

The kids look like they are having a blast! I can't believe your youngest is already so grown. Man it goes fast, doesn't it?

I am thankful for God and my faith. I know I'd never make it through life any other way.

Mzzterry said...

i am thankful for LIFE....new life. of course my unborn grand and the chance to love a new life all over again!

and i so wish i could play on that awesome water slide!! wow, what a great gift for this hot summer!!

i am thankful for beauty, hidden beauty that is all around in this world. there is beauty in everything God has created but it has taken me a long time to see it....i see it now & it is so awesome to appreciate it.

we are all beautiful in our uniqueness....why couldn't i have learned that earlier in my life? i missed sp many chances by being so petty.....