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Thursday, July 8, 2010

i think we're alone now

this week has been... busy. we had some serious fun for July 4th. amazon and crew made it to the party, so did pattylicious and crew. there was tons of food and other goodness to be consumed. we popped fireworks and confetti poppers. the kids had tons of fun. the weather has been rainy and cool here for the past couple of weeks. the hubby had Monday off for the holiday, so we made fruit leather from the apricots that my mom brought. then Tuesday the hubby had a meeting in lewisville, so we loaded up and headed east. my mom kept the kids, so it was just the hubby and i. i was so lucky, i got to hang with ro and her beautiful daughter. nothing beats looking at photos from middle and high school to make one not want to eat. i was looking at past blog posts and was surprised that i have over 200 posts. i also noticed that i used to do tons of posts and memes. i miss memes, so i may repost some of them. while the lil man sleeps i will post my thankfuls.


1. the rain- it has kept the temp down and watered the garden for me.

2. nap time- i love the little bit of quiet this time allows. now if i could only get her heiness to take a nap.

3. friends- it was nice to spend time with someone who knew me from back when.

4. sleep- I'm running on less than enough, and oh how i miss sleep.

5. crochet- i just finished a baby blanket for my brother's daughter who is due next month.

6. communication- it is what makes relationships of any kind possible.

7. coffee- I've been enjoying lots of coffee this past week

8. cars- they make it possible to visit people who live in a different area of the greatest state ever, by the way that fact is not open for discussion.

9. my kids- they remind me of how God must feel about me when i am openly defiant.

10. date night- i am in serious need of date night.

it appears as though nap time is drawing to a close, so i must dash to the liquor cabinet, i meant to get the kids. hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Rosemond said...

umm, yeah...I don't want to eat either!! So glad you got to hang with us!