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Thursday, July 22, 2010

tell me lies tell me sweet little lies

i love fleetwood mac and was listening to them when typing this. i hope this week has been as wonderful for you as it has been for me. i can hardly believe that another week has gone by. we have our menu set up for our "Greece discovery week", and I'm planning some cool events for the kids. monkey is super stoked about learning the Greek alphabet. her heiness is excited about olives lots of olives. i have realized this past week how easy it is for words to hurt someone, but words also have an amazing healing power. for example the words "they're yours", made a friends day today. we have been grilling out lots this week, and we've been enjoying the fruits of our labors from the garden. we have several tiny melons that will hopefully be ready before our first freeze. i can't believe that summer only has a month left, sorry to all the teachers who didn't want that tidbit of knowledge. both the girls are looking forward to heading back to school.

there has been some thought and discussion about the deleting of blogs recently. I've been thinking about it some since the main purpose of this endeavor was for my friends and fam to keep up with us, and they don't seem to be doing that. anyway on to my thankfuls and i do have lots of them.


1. Christ- He is the solid rock upon which i stand.

2. friends- you guys are amazing no matter what anybody else may tell you, YOU GUYS ROCK.

3. my hubby- what can i say he's an amazing, funny, intelligent, loyal, and sexy man.

4. memes- i had so forgotten how much i enjoy these. so fun so fun

5. swaps- I'm doing a couple on ravelry and so enjoying it.

6. my kids- what would i do without you and your amazing loving selves.

7. my garden- the radishes were so yummy, the zucchini is so delicious, and i haven't tried the cucumbers yet, but I'm sure they are yummy too.

8. good people- i think too often we get caught up on how horrible some people are, and we don't take time to think of all the good people there are in the world. thank you to all of those that never ask for thanks.

9. my mom- she's looking at a house here local. the kids are bouncing off the walls excited.

10. the truth- it will always come out. I've been working on less brutal honesty lately.

i noticed as i was about to begin this post that this is number 240. looks like i need to figure out something cool for number 300, it will be here before i know it. i hope that this weekend finds you well and happy. we have some big plans coming up in the near future, and i will share as soon as i can. until then have a blessed week.


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I know all about those sweet little lies. ;)

Daryl said...

Like NoeNoe, I know too but here's whats more important ... the real friends you have off the internet and the ones you get to make/know on the internets, the ones who really are who they are....

Pattylicious said...

Your post seems so much more positive than a lot of the conversations that we have had. I am glad that the con artists are gone and I hope you can begin to rebuild positivity in the path of destruction that was laid upon you. Love you, Holmes.