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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jesus loves the little children

who knew weeks could be so busy? we are planning a Greek week in our house. what is Greek week you ask? well, it is a week dedicated to studying Greece. why Greece? monkey got WAY into the Percy Jackson books this past year. the books are based on/retelling Greek myths. i thought that a good way to get more out of the books would be a week long study of ancient Greece. i found the alphabet and a bunch of other interesting info. we are also going to do some Greek cooking, not just ancient Greek food. monkey loves to cook and i thought this would be a cool way to expose her to different food than she might be use to. her heiness will also take part in the festivities because she desires nothing more than t be like her sister. if anyone has a suggestion for Greek food please leave me a comment. i will be covering all food made over on my cooking blog. we also have "adopted" a little boy from compassion international. we are very excited about the positive things this could do for him and for us. there are many more exciting things happening in our little world. here is my thankful list:


1 my health- i figure this one i regularly say thank you in my prayers for, but realized i rarely put it on my blog.

2. my life- it may not be what everyone wants, but man I LOVE my life.

3. my church- we have been attending a nondenominational church and we are loving it. this past Wednesday the kids went to jump in jive again. the kids had a blast and it is nice to see the members outside of church.

4. freedom- thank you to all who have fought for it and those that still do. thank you to the families that are left behind.

5. crafting- so loving being busy with my hands.

6. reruns- we have been watching tons of reruns on netflix.

7. love- how great it is to be loved.

8. my mom- she has been so willing to come and help with the kids this summer. she has been amazing and i can't be thankful enough.

9. downtime- oh how i long for a moment to myself.

10. date night- the hubby and i are in serious need of one of these.

i hope this has been a blessed week for all of you. have a great weekend


Adrienne said...

I have a post for Go Local on Monday for a great greek cucumber salad ... stay tuned!

Mzzterry said...

if i were nearby i would keep your kids for you so you could have a date nite!

having a compassion child is a great blessing. writing letters back and forth is awesome!

you inspire me. Bless you.

Have a wonderful week.

queen of everything said...

mzzterry, you don't know how bad i needed that comment tonight of all nights. thank you