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Friday, September 17, 2010

the big giant gorilla went up the water spout

that's right sing it to the tune of the "itsy bitsy spider". the girls sang that to us as were driving home from piano last night. i am happy to report my spoilee for the swap received her package and was thrilled with it. i don't know why i worry so much, maybe it is because secretly i crave recognition and validation. my friend's mom is back in ICU, she was improving so well and then took another nosedive. i think i may rename her heiness to the princess, yeah let's do that. well, the princess missed pre-k yesterday because she was sick Wednesday, and i don't send sick kids to school. I'm so excited about being able to go to east Texas. it will be a quick trip, but I'm hoping to get to see some of my buds. there is a hotel with a 2 room suite we will be staying at when we are there, and I'm trying to talk the hubby into driving in Friday and leaving Sunday. i didn't even realize i had missed my thankful list because i didn't realize yesterday was Thursday. i began this post this morning, but right as i began to list my thankfuls i got a text from my friend, firecracker. her mom is the one in ICU. i spent today there with her and her brother as they made some very difficult choices. my love and prayers go out to them and their families tonight.


1. good Kleenexes- otherwise my nose would be raw by now. there were many tears shed today.

2. good friends- while visiting another of our friends arrived. she was tired from her long drive, but glad that she could be there when her friend needed her.

3. changes- I'm so glad that at some point when i wasn't paying attention i became an adult, and so did the people i went to high school with.

4. hot tea- I'm feeling a bit weak tonight and the tea is helping warm me.

5. fall- there was a crisp bite to the air this morning and it whispered fall to me.

6. my hubby- he watched the kids today, so that i could be with my friend. he then took us all to dinner to get us out of the hospital. he is an amazing man

7. my kids- apparently they played very well today, and even got a big bag of dum dums for my friend.

8. my bestie- we were going to have a date tonight, but i was called elsewhere instead. she was so sweet about it and i really appreciate it.

9. crafts- they help work out some of my angst and turmoil.

10. you- that's right all of you who read this and leave me encouraging words. i can't say thank you enough to you.

11. peaches- she's my friend from Georgia. i received the sweetest package in the mail from her this week. she said that she sensed that it had been a rough summer for me and she wanted me to know that she had been thinking about me. thank you.

it is good to be thought about and prayed for. have a good night I'm going to crochet something

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Mzzterry said...

i send you much love, my prayers and a big hug. you mean so much to me as a person, a young mom & an amazing human being!! you inspire me to try new things, to love my kids more & to be more daring. You also remind me to be more thankful for what I have & to love fully, thanks for that! blessings to you Reina & your lovely young family. <3 you!!