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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

back in black

it's been quite a busy week already. Monday had an appointment and doctor says all is well, but maybe i should take it easy for a bit. apparently my "abdominal discomfort" sounds a bit too much like preterm labor for her. Tuesday we rode with daddy to San Antonio, and monkey was introduced to 1/2 priced books. she just stood in the entry way for several minutes just staring at all the books. the look on her face when i told her that was a small store was truly priceless. today was spent shopping, doing laundry and cleaning. now I'm reclining and taking it easy. i had a blast doing the A list, so i figured i would do the B list today. most of these pics are old ones, but they are great pics


baptism- every time i see one i cry. finch thinks it's cute. below is monkey's baptism.

being an adult- man i love this.

bread- I've been making lots of bread since we got here, and it goes quick.

better than ezra- if you aren't familiar with them, look em up

books- i love books, love to read and love to learn. q likes a good book before bed too.

babies- love the tiny toes, the giggles, and the love that they so freely give

bubbles- my kids love to blow bubbles and it warms my heart to see it

Bible- some may figure it goes under books, but to me it is so much more than just a book

bags- love me some bags. i did a cal, crochet a long, earlier this year and we made the green grocer bag.

that's all for now, i have some dishcloths to finish before bed tonight. hope everyone is having a great week so far, and I'm hoping to get a thankful list up tomorrow. maybe the kids will let me take pics.

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