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Saturday, August 6, 2011

can you teach me how to dance real slow

so we are on to the letter C. to begin i updated my cooking blog, i know shocker. it was at the request of a friend for a recipe, this does tie into the letter c i promise. well, it's late and i am tired.


chuy's mexican restaurant- below is a pic of monkey at chuy's on Friday. coffee- the chuy's we went to was in college station, which is home to my favorite coffee house sweet eugene's. we skipped it this trip because it was too hot for my favorite drink, bummer.

cooking- told you it would all tie in together. below is the cooking of the caramelized apple topping we had on our pancakes this morning. want to know more....check out the other blog
cold- even when we aren't having the hottest and driest summer on record, i prefer the cold. funny because i now live somewhere that gets 2 weeks of cold they call winter.

caramel- love it in almost all of its forms. below is monkey's plate before she devoured the goodness and licked the plate.

candles- i love to make them at to burn them

cuddles- there is nothing in the world like a good cuddle with someone you love
cell phones- i love the fact that we can now instantly communicate when we need something. i am aware that some people let the phone rule their life, but just today i got a prayer request on my phone. i stopped what i was doing and said a prayer. that my friends is good stuff

chillin out- we do some serious chillin out in our house when it is time to relax. yeah that's a picture of the two men in my life, handsome devils.

this has been fun, but it's past my bedtime.


Sweetflutterbys3 said...

I love all your "c's"! Especially cold and chillin. After this summer I can't wait for the cold! And some chillin next to the fire and with a cup of tea. Ahhhh....

queen of everything said...

thanks, i've always preferred the cold to hot, but this summer has been extreme to say the least.