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Thursday, August 4, 2011

perfection is my enemy

another great day in the finch house. we went school shopping for the girls, my sweet princess will be in kindergarten and monkey will be in middle school. everything is labeled, sorted, and put in its proper backpack. I've gotten my craft goods unpacked and placed in the proper places. wow, i have a lot of yarn. i also found tons of wip, works in progress. I've put them all in a bag and will be trying to finish at least one a week. I've also decided not to start any new projects, excluding swaps, until the bag is empty. maybe this will give me something to put on the craft blog. I've discovered so much this week that i am soooo thankful for.


1. sun tea- i made sure to pack the sun tea jar this last round of move, only to discover that my mint has bugs and the jar spigot is broken. after a trip to the local heb i have a new jar and some delicious non-mint sun tea.

2. a/c- in case you didn't know 108+ add some humidity is not a good thing for this bird. the kids asked if they could play outside and i had to explain that we are not equipped to prevent boiling in this heat.

3. pictures- I've been going through all of the old pictures and they just make me smile. i need to get the scanner hooked up so i can get some of my middle school and high school pictures up.

4. the bird clock- i should have put this on my B list, but didn't. it was my grandpa's clock and it chimes/sings/calls a different bird song on each hour. it hangs in our living room and makes us all smile when it sings.

5. my recliner- yes again i find myself in it's loving arms daily.

6. garden ridge- we had some extra time before my doctor appointment, so finch surprised me with a quick trip

7. taking a break- we will be taking a small family trip to the beach next week and we are all very excited.

8. mail- i do love to get things in the mail.

9. good food- we had hummus and tabbouleh today for lunch and it was so good. not as good as the foccacia from yesterday, but close

10. bedtime- love the time of day when i get to sit and relax for a just a lil bit.

i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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