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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

for one time only make an exception

i think i may start seeing if people can guess what song the lyric is from. what do you think? this is going to be a relatively short post because i am overly busy. i need some advice. those of you who know me, know that i HATE to ask for help. seriously does anyone remember my twisted ankle in 7th grade? anywho. i desperately want to start doing my crafty things again, but my time is a bit consumed at the moment. the question/plea for help is: how do you find time to do the things you want to do, when all of your time is spent doing things you need to do? any advice would be overly helpful, and i'll give you a hint on the song: the lead singer's name is adam and the song is off their first album (although this song was never on the radio). hey the first one to get it right will get a surprise. there you go. thanks again.

edited to say: the winner is baby gator. the song is anna begins by the counting crows. this one was easy, next time it will not be so easy


Gator World!! said...

~RAISES AND WAVES HER ARMS FRANTICALLY~ PICK ME PICK ME!!! I KNOW THE ANSWER!!! It's Counting Crows, cause I have always thought the lead sings was kinda hot in a weird way. It's off of their August and Everything After album. Am I right??? Oh I know I am right, but tell me I am right anyways! You know that I like praise and validation.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

*snickers at gator*

I do love the Counting Crows.

Me? I make time. Hey girl, the dishes can wait. Crafting is my therapy and saves me...seriously. So, if I do not take care of myself...then other things will fall apart.

Plus, when I start crafting. I honestly find that I have more energy and things get done.

Gator World!! said...

My bad, the name of the song is Anna Begins. Sorry about that.

RamFam said...

Have hubby watch the kids on Saturday afternoon for an hour and do whatever it is that you want to do to regain your sanity, maybe? Or use naptimes or after bedtimes?
Or do like I have had to do: resound yourself to the fact that right now in my life, my everything is used for my family. And the things I want to do can wait until the tomorrows. Because I'll never again be able to just sit and watch as my seven year old reads dump truck books to my two baby boys or as my one year old steals my two year olds hat just to hear his brother's squeals. This is the here and now and what makes my world go round.
When I get really burnt out with the mommy chores, I make sure to begin my days in prayer and end them with a list of five things I am thankful for (written down somewhere, so I can visibly see them). I meant to send you a book for your birthday, but I think I'll send it now for just-because. :)

Adrienne said...

Funny you should have a post about priorities ... I have 'me' time while both my boys are sleeping ... which means - I neglect everything else! ugh. I have been on a sewing/reading marathon and my house reflects it. Time for me to let ol' Bernina rest for a bit while I get reaquainted with my mop.

RamFam said...

I, like adrienne, have trouble balancing things. Either I stay caught up with laundry all month and only get to the dishes twice, or the kids and I read picture books for hours but eat popcorn and brownies for... You get the idea. I probably need to get schedules and menus written. ;)

DyessFam said...

I've begun to give my kiddos something that is similar to what I am doing so we are all doing the "same" activity. If I want to read a book, then I get them both books to "read". too. If I am trying to write a letter. Paper and crayons all around. If its something that needs to be done without them right around me, then I wait for nap time. I've started having the boys help me with some of the chores. Both of my boys like to "wash dishes", so I let them help me. It keeps them occupied while I get them done. Also, in the past, when it has been available, I've done things like Mother's Day Out or a Christian day care that allows drop-ins. I was able to have two afternoons a week that I had 3 hrs all to myself and Braden got to play with the kids. If that's not available ( I know you live in a lightly populated area ;), is there another mom that stays home that you trust that would be willing to trade days of watching kids with you? Just some suggestions. Oh, yeah another thing I had to learn was to not get upset if I didn't finish what I was trying to do. (Once I start something, I always want to finish it in one sitting!) Once I let go of that unreal expectation, I was more relaxed and much more pleasant to be around! :p

DyessFam said...

By the way.. I do remember your ankle incident. Wasn't that when we were in track or whatever and you landed half in the sand and half on the asphalt while trying the long or triple jump or something? That was not a good day!