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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

this is my Father's world

this is what i see when i walk out my front door. nestled between my two old fashioned roses is my black and red flower garden. the iris that are blooming are called black even though they are really just dark purple, but i love the contrast of the two colors.

next to the black iris are queen of the night tulips. they are the black tulips.

a close up of the red tulips

a double daffodil that is just now blooming

the tulip bed on the side of the house. a close up of the yellow tulips in the bed

the pretty yellow tulips from the tulip bed

some striped tulips

a really close up of the yellow tulips.

here is the lilac bush that is just outside my bedroom window. it smells heavenly. the smell of lilac is the way spring has always smelled to me. growing up just about every house we lived in had a lilac.

on saturday we went to get finch a new pair of shoes because his had died. some of you may know that i love shoes, but hate to shoe shop. this stems from the fact that shoes that are cute in a size 6 are not cute in a size 10. monkey and her highness love shoes, so we let them look for some. her highness has very discriminate taste and could not find any to suit her style that came in her size. below are the ones that monkey picked out. finch got his standard brown work shoes. nothing exciting. monkey and i went for the glam.

aren't they beautiful. she liked the stones on them. i find her little feet amazing. she's in 2nd grade now and barely wears a child's 1. when i was in 2nd grade i wore a woman's size 5. i kid you not. the teacher wore the same size shoe i did.

below are the pictures of my $7 and $3.50 shoes. tell me what you think

the beads really made the sandals for me, and the fact they were only $7.

i generally don't care for pink, but for $3.50 i'll make an exception. i just loved the gold around the edges of them.


sweetflutterbys3 said...

The flowers in your yard are beautiful!
We went for the same shoe sale this weekend and my daughter tried on the shoes in your first picture. They were really cute. She ended up with a sandal with colorful stones down the middle. I still love the original shoes, though!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Girl those are mary janes and you cannot ever go wrong with mary janes or beads!!

i love the flowers! And the shoes!

Gator World!! said...

I love your new shoes!!! I am so proud of you for picking out something pink. Look at you go. Stepping outside your box!!!

Kelsie said...

Thank you!

You have beautiful flowers, by the way!!