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Friday, April 18, 2008

Pulls her hair back as she screams, "i don't really want to be the queen"

a prize will be sent out to princess mindy for winning the song challenge, please email your address at your convenience. a new rule, you can only win one a week sorry, unless no one else has gotten it by the next day. now for the rest of the story on yesterday's song. when i was in high school i had a friend who out of the blue one day said "you remind me of a song, but you probably won't know it". i love music, just about any genre of music. when i asked what song she told me "she's always a woman" by billy joel. i love me some billy joel and always have, and i thought it could have been much worse. her reasoning was the line that says "she'll carelessly cut you, and laugh while you're bleeding." some would have been insulted, but come on it was mostly true. in 8th grade history we were discussing someone and the teacher said that the person was a sociopath. when one of the students asked what that was the teacher pointed at me. his description went something like this "someone who will cut you simply to watch you bleed to death." later when i was getting ready to change high schools i had a friend come up and tell me "you know ten years from now we're going to find out that you really are the anti-christ." yeah, i was real popular. sorry, i went kind of sideways on that one. on a different note i walked the yard today and noticed there are buds on all my rose bushes. i'm thrilled because i have wanted to make rose petal jam for several years now, and this year i may have enough roses to actually do it. woo hoo. i also notice several buds on my peonies. i adore peonies, they remind me of my granny and grandpa. they had the most beautiful peonies in their front yard. the day before my grandpa, who i shared a birthday with, passed away he asked if the peonies were blooming. we told him that they hadn't bloomed yet, but they were covered in buds. the day of the funeral the first one opened. monkey insisted that we put it in the casket, so that he could give it to Jesus when he got to heaven. i bought my peonies that year, and this is the first time they will have bloomed. it's been 4 years. while walking the yard i noticed that my century tulips were blooming. all the berries have new growth. it must be spring everything is green and new life is all around. i hope that this time of year brings new growth into your life and brings joy to your heart. i hope someone guesses the song because i making little bags for the prize.

edited to say happy preacher got the lyrics. the song is meet virginia.


RamFam said...

Rose Petal Jam?
BTW, the bear was completely garter stitch and really, really basic. You could so do it. (But don't because it will be better than mine and I'll be shamed.) ;)

Gator World!! said...


sweetflutterbys3 said...

That was beautiful about your grandpa.

I'd love to hear about your Rose Petal Jam when you make it!

rosemond said...

Ok...who said that?!! Wasn't I in your history class? Why don't I remember this??

happy preacher said...

Meet Virginia, yeah, yeah, ya.