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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

lace your shoes with country blues, ramble down that dusty old road

well, since no one new guessed friday's song it is open season, this won't count against you for the week. so far so good on the WW front. i weighed in last night at my first meeting, and since thursday night/friday morning, i have lost 1.2 pounds. not bad considering that this is the week of the month that i usually retain about 2 pounds. i finished two little bags for gifties. they are a little different than the ones i made a while back, and i think i may like the new ones better. sorry this is short, but i have lots to do today. good luck with the lyrics.

edited to say:mz terry got tuesday's lyrics correct. friday's are still open.


Mzzterry said...

Hey, this is Rachels Mom......I know your song! Its Jerry Jeff Walker, The Pot Can't call the Kettle Black!

Mzzterry said...

I would be honored to have a prize from you! I saw Jerry Jeff in concert with my hubby when we were in high school in tyler! long ago. leave me your email and i will send you my address!! thanks =)