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Monday, April 14, 2008

it's been a while

some pictures for your viewing pleasure. below would be pattylicous and me. we were trying to get all of the birthday presents put together so the kids could play outside.

here is a picture of the birthday boy with his daddy. can't tell he likes his daddy can you?
oh the bubble machine, was sooooo much fun. i love the look on his face.
her highness thought she should try on my shoes, well they were a little big.
the final picture needs a bit more of an introduction. i'm still new to the whole camera phone thing. the hubby and i were walking around sutherland's getting everything we needed for buford. when we saw this lady walking around. she was an older lady wearing a hooters shirt. yes, hooters as in "i go there for the wings", not to look at the scantily clad waitresses. mind you i have never been to a hooters, but i didn't think this was there target audience. i just couldn't pull myself to walk up and ask for a pic, so this is the best i got.
things here are still in turmoil. there is still no resolution in my good friends' situation. i hope to be able to get some pics of my red tulips soon. hope all is well in your world.


sweetflutterbys3 said...

Enjoyed the picture very much. Your kids are so cute, but an old lady with a Hooters shirt? Can't wrap my brain around that one!

rosemond said...

ok...so in the first pic where you are looking over your glasses, you totally remind me of Mrs. Garner!

vanillafrog said...

that picture is too funny, especially after today when i asked my kids what they would want for a reward for getting commended on the taks test and one of them said a gift card to hooters!

Adrienne said...

The hooters shirt is hysterical! More importantly...your kids are adorable!

vanillafrog said...

the 7th grade science teachers are mr. buchmeyer and michael willett's dad!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

OMG...that hooters shirt beats all!!

And I think I need a bubble machine.