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Thursday, July 17, 2008

all she wants is another baby

WORD OF THE DAY-mephitic: 1. Offensive to the smell; as, mephitic odors. 2. Poisonous; noxious.

what a week it has been so far. the hubby and i are discussing expanding the family. the reality of the situation is we've gotten very comfy with our girls. would adding one more shake things up beyond recognition? i don't remember this much discussion about the 2nd child. we originally wanted 4 or 6, but after waiting 6 years between the first two we are adjusting our ideas. our eldest will be 9 this fall and i will be 30. also have i mentioned that my mom is a triplet. she and my aunt sue are identical twins. not sure how long i want to continue changing diapers. that sounds really selfish when said out loud doesn't it. if pregnancy was easy on me it might not be such a difficult decision. with monkey i was sick from conception to delivery. after i delivered her my mom made the comment that she didn't think i would carry to term due to my constant illness. then the miscarriage at 11 1/2 weeks. i was on modified bedrest the majority of my pregnancy with her highness. my ob told me that she would sono me regularly starting at roughly 36 weeks to make sure that the baby wouldn't be too big. monkey weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz. and was about 2 1/2 weeks early. her highness weighed in at 9 lbs. 7 1/2 oz. and was a week early. i didn't gain much weight with either of them. it always feels better when you get things off your chest. it seems that everyone is in baby mode. my friend shellybabes is preggers, so happy for her, this will be #3 for her and her wonderful hubby. my friend trisha is having a little boy in december. krista is preggers, and pattylicious just had 2 little girls. it just seems that all of the reasons not to have another are rather selfish. who cares if i'm not as thin as i would like to be. will another child really disrupt our future plans? the only real concern is how to pay for the sweet creature. anyway on with thankful thursdays.
i am thankful for....

1. music- so many stories that i can relate to.

2. books- over at vanilla frog's blog you can find a list of 100 books that we should all read. i have read 36 of them.

3. teachers- with out them i wouldn't have read those books.

4. leah- she is my hubby's baby sister. it took us a little while, but we've become pretty good friends. i just wish that she lived closer.

5. IM- it is the way that the hubby and i stay in touch while he's at work.

6. our military- i can never thank them or their families enough for what they do. THANK YOU

7. mail- the kind that surprises you. a little letter from a friend that says hello or thanks. it is nice to open the mail and see something other than bills.

8. fresh herbs- they really add a great touch to food.

9. my camry- with over 90,000 miles it still runs like it was new. love my car.

10. the love of a child- they love so completely even when it isn't always deserved.

and thankyou too all who read these and leave comments. i really appreciate them.

Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?"


DyessFam said...

Well, Reinababes, as you know we went through a LOT of prayer, discussion and God bringing people into our lives with examples of how God really sees children. Changing our perspective was the easy part. Now that I am preggo with our 3rd, I've been in turbo prayer mode. I'm nauseated all day long like I was with Zekers, but thankfully no throwing up. Also, I get such an attitude problem when I'm pregnant, but I'm constantly saying thank you for everything He has given me. (Thanks for the example in your Thankful Thursdays!) I'm still down for the count at present, which, if I let it, would drive me crazy, but I know at the end of this, we are going to have a brand new little person that God gave us specifically and we get to have the honor of raising and moulding that little one. Anyway, all that to say, I understand what you are going through and God bless the whole process!:)

BTW: One of these days I'm going to try the apron swap. Maybe when we get a house? hehe Thanks for the prayers, too! As always, I wouldn't want to do without them.

RamFam said...

"Luke 12:24 - Consider the ravens: for they neither sow nor reap; which neither have storehouse nor barn; and God feedeth them: how much more are ye better than the fowls?" I say leave it to God! Openly receive His blessings and He will take care of the rest, including the graces needed to handle raising triplets if need be. And how many more treasures will you lay up in Heaven for the good and the sacrifices you give to your children. Just my Open to Life, Catholic two cents worth on that.

Also, I don't know if I told you before but I am sorry for the loss of your child. It is hard to let go, even if you only knew them for 11 1/2 short weeks. But remember that you were an avenue to create another blessed soul in Heaven who is looking down on you and assuredly interceding to God for you.

I guess you got my postcard then? We're super-psyched!!!

sweetflutterbys3 said...

I, too, recommend lots of prayer about the baby decision. I was where you are about 5 years ago. My hubby was happy with our two girls. I kept feeling that there needed to be three kids on our family- girl or boy- didn't matter. We ended up having our third (a boy) and I am so thankful. I have awful pregnancies too, nauseated, tired and c-sections, but it was worth it. Now I know I am done with having my own babies. No more interest in that at all. But we are trying to adopt, so I guess I'm not done with building our family :) God will show you the way with your decision too.

RamFam said...

Apparently you're not the only one with this on the brain. See here.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

babies, babies, babies... folks would think i'm exceptionally selfish. married 11 years. have spoiled dog. no babies. none b/c after 2 miscarriages... i don't want to try again. too hard. much to hard on the psyce. on the marriage. you however are quite generous in heart and spirit... you'll know if and when God leads you that way.

Pattylicious said...

Good blog. We have already had our discussion so I won't re-outline it for you. Love ya!

Annie said...

Always thought I would have more than 3. We waited for that feeling that there was more after Mini Me, but that feeling never came. I can say we are really comfortable with our 3.

TONYA said...

I don't think you sound selfish at all. I think pre-kids we all think how rosy it will be and how many wonderful little bugs we could have running around. Then reality hits and we have one, two and then you realise that hang on, this is comfortable, do I really want to rock this boat. I have 3 and am at the point of maybe one more but am still doing the 'what about money, bedrooms, things' dance.