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Friday, July 11, 2008

you're so far away from me

WORD OF THE DAY- coruscate: to give off or reflect bright beams or flashes of light

well as to why thankful Thursday is again posting Friday morning.... well did post on Wednesday didn't i? pattylicious and crew spent yesterday with us planning the sip and see on Saturday. i am way excited. yesterday was also vbs, so while one adult ran the big kids the other manned the fort. it was a wonderful busy day. we had hot wings and homemade bread for supper last night and tara and her crew came over for a visit. as far as the garlic dip goes, well that is pattylicious' recipe so you will need to appeal to her. perhaps offer a recipe in exchange for it? anywho, without further ado what i am thankful for.....

1. baby noises- you forget all of the sweet and strange noises that emanate out of such small wonderful things.

2. cool evenings- actually july has been awesome so far. we've gotten rain and cool temps. if only june had been this friendly i might still have a garden.

3. cameras- to capture moments that you don't want to forget

4. natalie- not sure if she reads these or not. when we were in school together she was an awesome friend. i get to see her in a week. woo hoo

5. bonnie- though our first meeting didn't turn out so hot, we turned out to be great buds. her eldest daughter had a birthday yesterday. we don't talk often, but i know that if i need anything she would help.

6. communication- it is amazing what can happen when people actually sit and talk. misunderstandings go away, and things can actually be worked through.

7. the ability to cook/craft- i have always loved to cook. when i was little i was always in the kitchen with my granny. both of my daughters show the same inclination, and i am so proud.

8. size 14s- oh yeah that's the size i'm in now. considering my 18's were getting snug when i joined WW not to shabby.

9. companionship- whether in the form of an animal, a mate, a child, or a friend. it is necessary for happiness.

10. time away from the kiddos- my mom is getting the girls at lunch today and keeping them through sunday.

now a time to brag and reflect. i am overly conscious of favoritism between my children. i have never understood favoritism, and have taken a stand against it with my family. for some reason my family tends to favor my eldest. they say it is because she is older and capable of doing more, but they interacted with her fine when she was little. anyway, recently my mom got monkey some shorts and shirts for girl scout camp. i didn't expect her to get anything for her highness because we had already discussed monkeys need. when she called to tell me that she had gotten the clothes she let me know that she had also picked some up for her highness too. i was really glad because i am a big supporter of if you get something for one, you should get something for the other as well. well i need to go get the car cleaned out and packed for the upcoming weekend. hope everyone has a great one. can't wait to post about the sip and see.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT IN THE WORDS OF Albert Einstein "Before God we are all equally wise - and equally foolish."


Pattylicious said...

14's WOO HOO!! I am so glad Mamma J is coming along and getting it. That totally rocks and I am happy for her and the girls that they may get to know each other well. The others don't deserve to know the wonderfulness that is your babies. This does not apply to Leah due to distance and a constant attempt to still connect to who I also consider my nieces.

RamFam said...

Way to go on the WW!!! I've been walking about a mile everyday and can tell the difference already. Counting down the next 14 days!!! Can't wait! :)

sweetflutterbys3 said...

Our summer has been really mild too. Lots of rain and cooler days with just a few hot ones thrown in there for swimming and picnics. Yeah!