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Thursday, July 24, 2008

i'm leaving on a jet plane

WORD OF THE DAY- melange: A mixture; a medley.

i was having a discussion the other day with pattylicious about how much i enjoy thankful Thursdays. i spend all week thinking about what ten I'm going to list, so i look for things to be thankful for. this tends to make me more aware of all the wonderful things that i have to be thankful for. i will be in the DC area from tomorrow until next Thursday, then in Austin until Sunday. i will try to get a thankful list up next week, but no promises. so for this week here we go.
i am thankful for:

1. baking soda- not only does it help make chocolate chip cookies it takes vaporub out of 2 year olds hair. did i mention she climbs?

2. disposable diapers- i don't know how people do cloth, i just don't have the patience

3. yahoo messenger- it is way fun. i get to chat with my homies all day

4. byrd house- she made my day. i did her summer swap and will be doing her fall swap. while putting my info together she realized the difference in sizes from then and now. she shot me a real short email about it. it made my day/week.

5. my awesome fun socks- there is just something so awesome about looking down at you feet and seeing smiley faces. thanks lola.

6. coffee- i like it plain or with the frills. i just like it. i miss going for coffee and just sitting, talking and hanging out.

7. my awesome phone- the hubby just got me a 2 gig memory card for it. now it will hold tons of songs, pictures, or other random stuff. we're getting the data pkg for it in sept. way excited

8. movies in the car- i have never been a big proponent for movies in the car. until i had a little girl who HATES to ride in the car. she can be somewhat pacified with movies, but even then she is a bit cantankerous.

9. fruities- i can have the whole package of candy for a mere 1 point. this will come in handy during the trip.

10. individualism- I'm glad that i get to be myself. however crazy that may be.

what are you thankful for this week? take time to think about it. have a great weekend, i know i will. :)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT- IN THE WORDS OF KATHERINE HEPBURN "Acting is the most minor of gifts and not a very high-class way to earn a living. After all, Shirley Temple could do it at the age of four."


Pattylicious said...

Love your list once again this week. I totally miss coffee too. When will we get our free time again?

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

thanks for reminding me to take the time to be grateful for the things right under my nose! safe travels & fun times to you...

RamFam said...

#2. Out of necessity? Or boredom?
#3. You have 'homies'???
#4. What a cool chick! And way to go on your weight loss!
#6.We'll have to fix that!
#7. I too love my Palm phone. I am super jealous that you are getting the data pkg!
#10. If you're crazy and make comments like #2, then what does that make me? Hmmm...

TONYA said...

Love your list and I am definitely thankful for a lot of those things myself.

When hubby makes my coffee he asks me whether it's good. All coffee to me is good, frills or not. He doesn't understand that :).

I couldn't live without my dvd player in the car for the twins. That thing has saved my sanity on so many occasions.

Disposable diapers, Yahoo Messenger and Individualism - YES, YES AND YES!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, am going to check out Byrd House.

sweetflutterbys3 said...

Have a great trip! Sounds like a lot of fun. We love the in car movies too, though like you, I'm not too thrilled with it either. But anything that brings peace with kids is a plus!