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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

don't bring me down, bruce

the computer is up and running again, woo hoo. i had intended on having this warm, wonderful, sweet post about what a great weekend i had. instead i awoke yesterday to insanity in the blogosphere. i am pretty sure that i know all who read this little piece of internet worthlessness, so to you i apologize. i hope that i have not allowed or helped spread anger and backbiting through my blog. i thought that i had been particularly kind by not airing my dirty panties/laundry on my blog. or raging on it either. there was a slight war of words in my comment area this past weekend. strangely they had little to do with my blog, other than both are readers of my blog and i thought friends, but i deleted them at the request of one of the people involved. it is also not my intention for this post to be particularly down/depressing, but i need to get a few things off my chest. i was asked to think on/ponder a discussion that i had on monday. i did. in fact i spent the majority of the day dwelling on the conversation. trying to figure out what the hell was going on. the longer i thought the more pissed i became. to those of you who have only known me since having children this doesn't happen often. to those of you who knew me before, well i was almost the person you once knew. i began to mull over several conversations that i have had in the last two weeks or so. the more i thought the more questions i came up with. this is what i have decided. I AM TIRED. TIRED OF THE CRAP. TIRED OF THE WHINE, TIRED OF THE DRAMA, TIRED OF THE POOR ME THAT THIS WORLD INSISTS ON SHOVING DOWN MY THROAT. we're not all going to get along, but stop looking for things to be angry about. believe it or not it can't always be about you. again, i apologize, but if i store this any longer i am going to EXPLODE. also, if you don't like it don't read it. it is that easy. i just don't want any drama, unless it is on stage. i will be 30 in october and i am too old for this crap. if you want to fight do it with out me, and don't use the guise of friendship to attack. if you are my friend then be one, otherwise bug off.
on to the post i had intended. we went to pattylicious' house and ate pizza, played chicken foot, laughed and generally had a great time. we spent saturday morning at a birthday party enjoying the company of friends and their children. saturday afternoon and evening were spent with the cowden clan. it is hard to believe how quickly all the wee ones grow. the party was for a darling little girl who attends church with us and is friends with her heiness. she is already 2. in attendance were the youth minister and his family. i can't believe his youngest will be 1 in about a month. it seems like just yesterday she was born. well, the children beckon. i hope to have a more upbeat attitude in time for thursday, otherwise thankful thursday could be very difficult.


RamFam said...

Hey, I just noticed the joyful toys in your sidebar. Did you have that before I made the Peter Rabbit? Have you made anything yet?

DyessFam said...

I'm sorry you had to deal with all of that mess! You know as much as I try and stay out of drama, it always seems to find me!!! It tends to be mostly family drama and so its nice not to live close at those times, but the phone still conveys it! AAAAAaaaaaahhhhh! You know there was a point in my life when a couple that I had lost contact with for several years all of a sudden popped up again and wanted to get together and start hanging out again and I was pregnant with Braden and just in general a little crazy at that time and I didn't make any kind of commitment because I thought to myself..."I've seriously got all the friends I can handle right now and I don't honestly have room in my life right now for more drama!" Which is what would have occurred I'm quite certain! Anyway, in all that blah, blah, blah kudos to you for not getting mixed up in someone else's issues. Its much nicer on the sanity that way.:) On the other stuff, I think its so neat that you have people you and your family regularly hang out with and have fun. There is such a lack of that for us right now and I will be a very happy camper when we have fellowship like that again. :) By the way, any time you need to vent, you just go right ahead. After all its your blog and its free therapy! :p

Pattylicious said...

Amen sista.

* TONYA * said...

OMG what the heck has been going on. I'm off to try and read more.