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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

i'm a yankee doodle dandy

not sure is that how you spell dandy? well we're back from our vacation. we arrived in mcdade at 3:30 am. then drove to the airport in austin and got on board our plane and headed to baltimore. thom picked up our crew, fed us, and drove us to their house. we spent 5 days in the DC area, so i will spread the pics out some. we enjoyed the lovely company of the ramfam and their awesome hospitality while we were there. pappy went with us, and he felt the need to pick up the tab for most of the eat out and tourist type stuff. a HUGE THANK YOU to him. he is an AWESOME pappy. the girls had a blast playing with the ramfam kiddos. monkey hadn't seen the adeline in about a year, so they were WAY happy to get to play together again. wyatt and her highness are only 6 months apart, so they had a lot of fun too. not to neglect sweet isaac or philip, both the girls showered attention on them as well. here is a picture of the girls waiting patiently for thom to pick us up. apparently the traffic was terrible on the way to get us in Baltimore.
yes, monkey is pouting. she spent a good deal of time like that. in her defense she had been at camp for a week before we went on vacation. she was really tired.
this is sweet Isaac and Adeline. we had a picnic for dinner at this really cool park in DC. it is right off the Potomac river and right next to the airport. we got to watch the planes land while we had dinner. it was way better than can be explained.
a view from our picnic table. yes that is the capital you see through the goal posts.
the girls running and having fun. that is the Potomac in the background.
yes, that is another awesome view from our picnic table. the wahington monument.

more to come later, i need to go make supper for the people at church.


sweetflutterbys3 said...

Welcome back! It sounds like it was a great vacation. Can't wait to see more pictures!

RamFam said...

We had SO MUCH FUN!!! Can't wait to do it again. BTW, 'watch the planes land' does not do that park justice. Maybe you should add a stone's throw from our picnic table, meaning we couldn't fly a kite they were so low! Sorry for the wait in Baltimore; to tell the truth we slept in late (Late to you, normal for us) then had lots of readying up to do. Beautiful pics! Send me a cd. Love ya and miss you! :)

TONYA said...

Welcome back from vacation. Can't wait to hear more about it.